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Facebook Live- The Bigger And Better Broadcast Platform

The world seems to be addicted to social media. People in fact want fblive2a platform to make bigger and much longer broadcasts. There wish has been granted with Facebook Live which has just been introduced this week to make you much happier. The social networking site has recently announced updates so that its broadcasting platform can introduce
full screen videos and longer updates with much less disruptions. Company has made it clear that very soon all its users will be able to broadcast for almost four hours per session. This is almost double the length what they could stream sans sacrificing the VOD archives.

Facebook is coming up with a “video-only” mode which hides comments as well as reaction of the viewers. If you want a broadcast to be distraction free you can swipe right. This will temporarily remove viewer interaction. This update will allow broadcasters to go live in full screen. But then this will depend on your operating system. iOS will have broadcast full screen in both landscape and portrait mode. All these features will be available to the selected users very soon, and the general users will get to use them in coming weeks.



Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat