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Happiest Man Reveals The One Thing That Makes Him Unhappy

We don’t always notice it but to be the happiest person, is to have no expectations. To be the happiest man on earth, one needs to take a leaf out of Matthieu Ricard’s book. He is currently reported to be the happiest man alive, on earth.

Ricard took part in a study at the University of Wisconsin, and joined with a group of scientists, into meditation and compassion. Upon further studies, Richard Davidson has found that Ricard’s brain has a larger capacity to hold and create happiness, with a reduced liability to react and hold on to negativity. The attention, learning and memory too, are higher than any other reports.

French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard arrives on September 21, 2013 at the Elysee presidential Palace in Paris. AFP PHOTO / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD (Photo credit should read KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty Images)

The scientists labeled this 70 year old monk as the happiest man on earth, which Ricard finds this a little absurd, and also a little stressing, with all the media attention. He claims to have met happier monks, and even asked Dalai Lama if he could disappear into a retreat. Lama advised him to stay put, the world needs his guidance, if they want him to be the happiest man on earth, then to be one.

The world’s Happiest Man Reveals What Makes Him Unhappy

Ricard is from France and is currently staying in Nepal. This Tibetan Buddhist monk is also a photographer, humanitarian and author, of several books and photo books.

If there is one thing to take from this man, is his advice on training the brain to be happy. His method also supports science, where people doing 20 minutes of meditation everyday are generally happier.