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With heavy monsoon in this year, during the month of May and June, the chances of the heavy disease have also increased a lot. Water-logging in some of the major cities and overflow of the river beds has also added special support to the mosquitos in this monsoon.

Chikungunya is a growing health concern across the world. A person may contract the chikungunya virus through the bite of an infected mosquito. The defining characteristic of Chikungunya is the extreme joint pain it causes, and although the infection itself only lasts for between two and twelve days, the joint pain can last for several months.

Two major diseases have spread this time in India; one is Dengue, and other is Chikungunya. The source of both the diseases is mosquito alone. Where, dengue is spread by Aedes Mosquitos, chikungunya is aided by the Asian tiger, Albopictus. Both the diseases have no proper cure, in the advanced stage. You will need to protect yourself in such condition.

Dengue on the Rise As Monsoon Descends

Monsoon is the peak time for different diseases. The main part of the disease is related to dengue. This is the disease that is spread by Aedes mosquito and is pretty much dangerous for all. The most important thing is the level of the disease that is there for you. If you are in the first stage, supports are there for you.

Platelets are to be changed, and the necessary pain relievers can be helpful there for you. You must be saying about the right way to understand that one has dengue. The main symptoms are the frequent high fever, frequent pains and even blood flow from nose or gums. If you find any such issue, you must get in touch with a doctor immediately. The treatment of dengue is possible only in the first stage and not after that. So the disease has to be identified in the first stage alone.

You need a further protection too, in order to avoid the pains and the disease. You can move out the stagnant water from your side, use a close fan to put the mosquitos away and even can use the net on the windows and doors to keep the mosquitos away from your periphery. So, protect yourself and make your life secured enough from the mosquitos. Beware of this dangerous mosquitos and be safe. The municipality areas are taking enough care for the same. Cooperate with them and get the prime protection.


The best way to do that is as mentioned below:

There must not be any water-logging all around. This is not only in the grounds and tanks but also in the different pots and small vessels. They must be eliminated as early as possible.



The best way to protect your room is by the use of nets in the windows or by the use of air conditioners. Both of them will be keeping the mosquitos out from you.


If you are dining outside, use a fan to keep the mosquitos away.


Try to use long sleeves shirts and pants, when you are residing outside.



It is important to have pesticides spread in your location. You can get it done through a pest control team.



Treat your clothes and skin with DEET. This will keep you clean and protected too.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat