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Just 5 minutes read to know all about “POKEMON GO”.

I was in the office, with bunch of trainees who after lunch were having a glee talk of their “POKEMON GO” adventure.

How one of them has found a rare Pokemon last evening and the fight at the gym. Between all these, I could sense a blank look from an inquisitive and much experienced quality department head. He was trying to figure about what we were discussing with such joy and interest. He must have heard this much hyped POKEMON too. Well, soon everyone of us left for our work-desk as the off-time after lunch gets over. I guess, there are many of you who want to have a little idea about this hype. No one wants to feel those awkward moment of blankness regarding the popular development around the world.

What is “POKEMON GO”?

It is a free location-based augmented reality mobile game. The game uses GPS and camera of you mobile device to creat virtual reality. Pokémon, a virtual creature a appear on your phone screens as if it is in the real world. By the help of GPS current location and surrounding of player appears on the phone along with the map.

You can see on the picture how Pokemon appears on the screen along with the surroundings around you.

Pokemon in phone
Pokemon in phone

You appear on the map as shown in the image.

Image : Players come live on map.
Image : Players come live on map.

As a player, you need to move physically to explore the game’s map. You collect various coins, visit PokéStops and gyms (look likes a large tower in the picture). At the gym you have a fight session to take control of the gym.

Image: Gym tower.
Image: Gym tower.

As you can see in the image the gym tower and the fight taking place as you enter the gym. All Pokémon are displayed with their combat power. A player increases a Pokémon’s “combat power” by collecting stardust and candies.

There are wild Pokémons too. On encountering a wild Pokémon or Doduo you have to capture them by throwing Poké Ball on them. There are different varieties of balls with different features and powers. These Poké Balls appear on the bottom of screen as you can see in the image below.

Image: Hitting wild Pokemon.
Image: Hitting wild Pokemon.

There are various other features and activities in the game like hatching eggs.

I hope you got the basic idea of how this viral game that combines GPS and camera on your device to create an augmented reality. In my next post I would be discussing various pros and cons, health benefits and interesting events associated with “Pokémon GO” around the world. Before you end up write-up go through this small paragraph to discover how Pokémon GO has created turmoil in share market.

What the big impact “Pokémon GO” has made?


Since the launch of the game on July 6, Nintendo(developer of this game) shares soared by another 14.4 percent at 31,770 yen last Tuesday. The share of Nintendo has gained more than hundred percent. It’s turnover has hit whooping 703.6 billion yen. With this Nintendo breaks the previous record for trading turnover in individual shares . With this you can imagine this phenomenal exponential success of Pokemon GO

Suraj Suman
Author: Suraj Suman

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