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Sikh Dharma International celebrates Baisakhi in Mexico City

Sikh Dharma International organised Baisakhi celebration in Mexico City. The event was hosted by the Mexico City’s 3HO and Punjabi Sikh communities on 11thMay, 2019. Ram Das Singh Khalsa, Gurujot Singh Khalsa and Simran Singh Khalsawere invited from Sikh Dharma International to teach and play Gurbani Kirtan for the full weekend of festivities.

The celebration took place in Mexico City’s convention center organised by Arjan Singh and Arjan Kaur, working closely with Inder Singh and Inderpreet Kaur. Events included an early morning Sadhana program in Parque Mexico, a three-hour class on ShabadGuru and a full day of festivities. The beautiful parade with PunjPiare and Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji through the streets of Mexico City to the Angel de la Independencia was the highlight of the event.

On the occasion Ram Das Singh said, “We are glad that could become a part of such a celebration which empowers and connect people with one another, leaving all boundaries behind. Celebrating such an auspicious occasion of Sikh society together with the participation of different communities connect us with the world. With the dawn of this new year, let’s embark on the journey of spiritual guidance and value all of God’screation.”

During the celebration Simran Singh said, “Baisakhihonours the formation of Khalsa, it gives us immense pleasure to celebrate the holy festival in Mexico with our brothers. With God’s blessings we hope to serve the communities and fill the world with light, peace and everlasting love”.

With the presence of the Directors from the Mexican Government’s religious affairs and human rights secretariats, along with the officials from the Indian Embassy glorifies the event. After the event Sangat members, the Jetha, and the organizing team had the privileged to have breakfast with them.

About Sikh Dharma International:

In the early seventies, Yogi Bhajan, who would later be known as Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji began to teach in the United States. Through his inspiration, insight and example many Westerners began adopting the Sikh way of life, attracted by the spiritual practices of Sikh Dharma and its egalitarian teachings that respect all religions. Sikhs do not convert people. 

Since 1973, Sikh Dharma International (SDI) has been a recognized non-profit 501c(3) religious organization in the United States and an effective vehicle for spreading the teachings of the Sikh Gurus in every direction of the globe. It is a California registered non-profit 501c (3) organization that serves the needs of the global Sikh Sangat (community).  The headquarters for Sikh Dharma International is located in the beautiful Espanola Valley in northern New Mexico, at Guru Ram Das Ashram (Hacienda de Guru Ram Das).