Kedarnath Move Review – A weak plot for strong Sara performance


Kedarnath is a love story that is accompanied by some mind-blowing visual treats. The story trails through an inter-caste love story, a plot which has been extensively used in Bollywood. What happens when the daughter of a priest in the city of Kedarnath falls in love with a common Muslim guy?

Adventure, complications, violence, or marriage, the answer unveils in the theatres at the end of the movie. The inter-caste love story is carried well by Sushant and Sara. Sara’s performance is stellar and she successfully strikes connect with the audiences almost instantly.

Her bubbly nature, dialogues, etc., keep audiences interested. Honestly, Sara’s performance carries the story with some visual retreats in the end when a calamity strikes hard as an unwelcomed guest between the tales of inter-caste love story.

Pleasing cinematography saves the poor plot

The story begins with some beautiful scenes from the mountain ranges and valleys of Kedarnath. The use of drone and locations by Tushar Kanti, who is the cinematographer of the film has done really well. The audiences are awestruck in the way nature has been presented by Tushar in the movie.

However, the story fails to pull through as the commonly used plot of Hindu-Muslim beliefs take over. The issues of calamities in pilgrimage due to misuse of nature, pollution, and other aspects were not capitalized in the movie.

The focus consistently remains on the love story between Mukku and Mansoor. This moves along slowly that often tests the audience’s patience. Overall, the movie can be a one-time watch. With 2.5 stars only for the scenic nature views and Sara Ali Khan’s performance.

Ishi Agrawal

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