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Start-ups In Healthcare Domain

In a recent world study based on various health indicators India stands at 143rd position out of total 188 countries. This tells the poor plight of country’s medical facilities. But, good news is that some healthcare startups based on innovative ideas are helping citizens to receive medical facilities. These ventures are also receiving good fundings.

Over the past few months health-tech has been buzzing with startups helping in hospital management systems, doctor discovery, delivery of medicines, and now more importantly home healthcare services.

Healthcare IT startups to watch in 2016:

From virtual care platforms to precision medicine, data analytics to interoperability, the healthcare IT landscape is constantly changing thanks to new approaches driven by entrepreneurs making waves in the sector.

Let’s have a look at some of the startups that received fundings in last a few months.


This eCommerce portal helps you to buy consumer healthcare products, specially dietary supplements and medical instruments. As per the ‘ Tech in Asia’ report, Sequoia Capital India and other investors have invested around $12 million dollars in it.


2. Pianta

This startup helps in coordinating healthcare services by fixing an appointment with specialist, physical therapists, collecting nursing and lab samples have received ample amount of seed funding recently. They also sell their own healthcare product-management software, that helps to find out staff in real time and keeps the digital records of patients safely.

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3. Mitra Biotech

This biotech firm helps cancer patients to get treatment with modern technologies. Based on the biopsy report, it gives all the necessary advices and recommendations to patients in the shortest time. Sequoia Capital India and Sands Capital Venture invested ample capital in this firm that amounts to around $27.4 million dollar.

4. Karma Healthcare 

With the help of doctors and telemedicine, this startup makes medical services available to rural areas. Using modern technologies it sends out the real time data of patients to doctors to make treatment easier. They have received good amount capital from indigenous investors this year.

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