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For the First Timers and Not so First Timers

In a relationship, both partners should be able to express their love for each other freely. When it comes to Intimacy, partners should respect each other’s limits or boundaries. For example, a couple might feel awkward holding hands rather than kissing in public. All of these are unique qualities that both partners should know how […]

A Promise For Forever Togetherness

Promise is a word that holds a heavy meaning layered with love and care. The Valentine’s week is filled with many such cute celebrations that we often do in love, like, promise, hug, kiss, etc. The importance of this Promise Day lies in the fact that lovers always promise each other certain things, and that […]

Message In A Bottle: Say The Unsaid

love feelings

Sometimes some things are best not said. True. But that doesn’t mean that they should not be expressed. A feeling is just like a flower, for if you don’t savor its beauty when its blossoming fresh and alive, when its fragrance is still young, then after a given period of time, its petals begin to […]

How Politics Come Into Play While You Are Dating

We start date people with who we can share views, have a good conversation with and spend some quality time. Not all the times we share the same opinions but it gets very difficult to date people with polar opposite views. And especially when it comes to politics the topics tend to become more heated. “With […]