A Promise For Forever Togetherness


Promise is a word that holds a heavy meaning layered with love and care. The Valentine’s week is filled with many such cute celebrations that we often do in love, like, promise, hug, kiss, etc. The importance of this Promise Day lies in the fact that lovers always promise each other certain things, and that varies from a vacation to marriage. When your promise something to someone, you should invest all of your heart to fulfil that promise. And Promise Day celebrates this spirit and nothing else. So, if you want a gift something for this day to your lover, as a Promise Day gift, give another promise and this should be the assurance of forever togetherness.

Promise of a Home

If you are really serious about this person, you can surprise her with a newly bought home. This gift would be an assurance of your future together. Ask her to shop her heart out to decorate this nest. She will surely bring lots of colors to this place with the choicest curtains, décor items, and plants. In this busy world, it is so good to create your own little world and this gift would be the best one for Promise Day.

hand in hand make a Promise
hand in hand make a Promise

Promise of a Vacation Each Year

With time you would be busier with work because you need money to engine your life. But in this process, don’t forget that love works like a skeleton in your life. If you don’t have love, all these material things would be of no value. Therefore, to rejuvenate your soul, promise him/her that you would always manage your time for one vacation per year. Vacation refreshes the mind and you get new heights of love.


Promise of a Romantic Dinner every month

Candle light dinner at home terrace or in some fancy restaurant – both holds a romantic angle to your life. Love is very important in life because your partner is the only one who would hold you tight in moments of distress. Spending an evening enjoying a romantic dinner with him/her would help you to remain connected to each other. Due to heavy workload, there are times, when you might feel that the world has heaved on you. In these disturbing period, small instances like a candle lit dinner would help you to shed your extra baggage of tensions.


One of the best Valentine gift is the one layered with concrete promises and please do that to remain in love forever.

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