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For the First Timers and Not so First Timers

In a relationship, both partners should be able to express their love for each other freely. When it comes to Intimacy, partners should respect each other’s limits or boundaries. For example, a couple might feel awkward holding hands rather than kissing in public. All of these are unique qualities that both partners should know how to respect.

For most relationships nowadays, being intimate rarely becomes a forbidden topic. Keep in mind, however, that a lot of people often perceive physical intimacy as a subject that should not be in discussion openly. If people do, however, find it ok for them to discuss certain things about Intimacy, here are some things to consider:

Being intimate is entirely optional. Do not coerce your partner if he or she is hesitant about such acts.
If both parties do agree to it, both should be comfortable. If they don’t take no for an answer, forcing them will be a clear sign of abuse.

Things You Should Know About Intimacy

* If having physical relationship scares a person, it is perfectly reasonable to say no or to talk about things.
* A big no is when a partner tries to force you into doing things you don’t want to do with them.
* Time spent together isn’t a factor to consider when you decide that saying no is the best option.
* Being prepared helps. Always wear protection or risk pregnancy.
* Always think of the consequences that come after doing the act.

If clear signs point towards abuse, always remember to get help. A lot of people in abusive relationships tend to reject help as they feel ashamed or they feel weak for asking something about what they consider to be silly.

Indeed, a lot of people find physical relationships as an enigmatic and nerve-wracking experience. They have a perfect reason to be anxious because Intimacy is a complicated matter in everyone’s lives. Even if being intimate is normal for a healthy couple, a lot of factors can still affect they way both partners see the act.

These factors for example are:

If friends and family find out, some of them might not agree with the act. Some are afraid that the people closest to them will see them as promiscuous and improper.

Family rules can also be very imposing on someone as a family might reject the idea of dating, let alone doing acts of intimacy. A couple can risk a lot if they are found out.

Religion or culture might demand a person to stay within the bounds of their beliefs. Some of these beliefs consider that doing the act before marriage often constitutes to sin.

Peer pressure from friends can sometimes force a couple in doing the act. Any rejection towards this pressure can make them feel isolated from their peers.


Nowadays, a lot of people in relationships engage in the doing acts of intimacy. Although this occurrence is becoming the norm, a lot of individuals often find the subject as taboo or absurd. Adding to the complications of being intimate and relationships, are the multitude of factors that can easily affect outcomes and expectations from everyone and anyone close to the couple.

Health conditions could also play a part with being physically intimate as a couple. ED or Erectile Dysfunction can sometimes become a problem for some couples. Visit omg brah for details on how to combat ED and other conditions that can damage a good time.

Lastly, love should never come with coercion or force. If anyone finds themselves in such situations, always remember to reach out for help. Engaging in such acts is supposed to be a rewarding experience for couples to enjoy, and not a one-sided affair.

Ref – Leslie Wyman is a writer and an advocate for environmental issues. She loves writing about marriage, relationships, and love. In his free time, Leslie gives out advice to his readers by sharing his works with them. She also has a lot of hobbies such as going to the gym and playing hockey. Leslie currently Sunnyvale, California.