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Going With Character – Know How to Dress Like A GOT Star

Are you one of those Game of Thrones Fanatic? Did you ever wonder how they achieved those simple but elegant look for a Lady, Queen, and Princess? Did you ever stop and wonder how they never cease to amaze you with every look they have while in the show? Well, listen carefully sweet summer child, because you’re about to learn the tips our GOT ladies.

The Medieval Realism Look

When we think about Medieval, we usually imagine the women dresses in such time. The ought time where long light gowns are trendy, and not the puffy ball gowns in princess and prince movies. In the TV series Game of Thrones, help the viewers re-imagine how the medieval time ladies do their fashion. And sometimes the fashion makes the viewers want to look like the ladies in the GOT.

The Way They Dress

Cersei Lannister

Women love and hate the character Cersei Lannister. She’s beautiful, cunning, intelligent and most importantly dresses to kill. Hah! Admit it, her way of fashion is certainly on point on every occasion.

That is why even though they love hating her many still admires’ her fashion. When you think of her, you can imagine her long blonde hair, and how she usually dress in fabulous long sleeves golden gowns. Now if you bring that in modern times you would see that dressing up like her is easy peasy.

Achieving the Westeros Queen look is easy since she’s dressed light, with a hint of gold in every dress. You can go for either a long or knee length dress or a skirt. Remember that she also prefers sleeves styled in Angel, Circular Flounce or Trumpet, and she prefers the V-neckline!

The Mother Queen usually keeps her long Golden Hair flowing, but on the particular occasion, she ties it up in braids or twirls.

Margaery Tyrell

For the princess of Highgardens, she’s also one of the Games of Thrones beauty. She usually wears “warmly, ” and the clothes she wears matches Bohemian images, in shades of either blue-green or green. Margaery’s cloth textiles are usually translucent, patterned with flower and vines. Well, their kingdom represents flowers anyway.

Taking her style on the thrifty side is easy, putting your hair in big waves to partner a cute tea dress with elegant floral or vine pattern and a pair of flats will do the job.

Daenerys Targaryen

The “Last” Targaryen, the mother of dragons the… okay, she has a long name. Anyway, Daenerys’ garments started with rustic style then went to elegant. But what made her style unique is her simplicity. When others prefer their dresses with details, she, on the other hand, sticks with one color and only with minor detail that came with the fabric texture.

So achieving her style might be easier than the rest. Start with picking the colors she usually wears such as brown, gray, silver, white or dirty white, blue or blueish gray. Also, remember how she dresses in halters or a strappy dress that exposes the back. Never forget her braids too.

To fix an image why not look for a perfect Maxi dress in the shade of silver? Also, her floor length skirts usually have pants underneath, to show how she is an active queen. So don’t be scared of wearing pants to match a halter!


Learning the basic inspiration of how each character’s clothes is necessary for, it can help you do the mix and matching. Also, the feeling of self-content when you achieve matching up the perfect clothes is amazing and exciting.