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Weddings are about smiles and laughter and happiness. It is all about a man standing at the altar, waiting for the most beautiful girl in the world to walk down the aisle. This situation is common in weddings. Everybody knows how the ceremony goes, but what they don’t know is the scenes behind a successful celebration.

Brides are more meticulous on this part for they want to tell everyone that this day is their day and they should stand out from all the others. They should be the center of attention and the lady of the night.

For all the preparations for the main event, from the dresses, settings, down to decorations. No other thing excites the mood of a place than flowers. And one specific bunch of flowers that needs to stand out is the one the bride is holding. It adds color and style and makes the bride more attractive and beautiful.

Flowers That Express the True Meaning of the Event

Even a simple bouquet can change the mood of the place, and it plays a bigger part of the occasion. Wedding planners have a broad range of perspectives regarding bouquet styles. And they can incorporate those styles and make it better.

But before choosing a flower, they should first have the dress settled. The dress will be the basis for the type and the color of the flower. Florists know how to blend the bouquet with the woman’s clothing. Their preference is the key to achieving the best wedding.

They should also consider the size and shape of the bouquet. It should not hide the details of the dress and of course the curve of the bride’s body. There should be a balance between the bouquet’s size and shape and the bride’s body and gown.

In choosing a flower, it should match the season because some flowers may not be available on certain dates and in rare occasions, it would be very expensive. But if the budget can cover the cost, then there is nothing to worry.

Carrying it with style

While the bride may have the perfect bouquet to match the concept of the celebration, still another factor to make it perfect lies on how the bride carries it with style.

Since carrying a bouquet for the first time can shake the body of most brides, bringing it with style needs preparation and practice. It is important for them to look as stress-free as possible. And with proper posture and a relaxed position, brides will always look good in photos.

First, a bride should consider facing the prettiest side of the bouquet, and it should face the audience. And in holding it, they should keep it at the very top of the stem. And one important note to take is that the flower should not cover the waist. And they should hold it in a very relaxed manner.


For celebrations with wines, cakes, and candid photos, wedding is one of the most colorful days of a couple’s life. It symbolizes the sanctity of love, commitment, and trust.

Especially for the brides, this is the day to show the people what style is. For them, perfect execution of the plan is vital. It does not mean that they want to impress, but to make the best of the occasion. After all, it is no ordinary event, and it is the day where people look at them with awe.

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