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5 Questions You Should Never Ask A Woman

You probably know that men and women perceive differently the criteria “funny”, “stupid”, “offensive”. Here are 5 forbidden questions you can’t ask a woman.

“How can you have problems?”

As someone wise said: “The one who has never felt pity for a loved one didn’t know love.” Women, unlike men, don’t seem anything shameful and humiliating in sympathy. On the contrary, such behavior (hug, kiss, and whisper) seems to women the only correct option when dealing with a person in frustrated feelings. It’s no wonder that the schemes adopted in the male community don’t work with women in tears.

Humor about her problems will not reduce tension, but on the contrary, raise it to maximum values. She may immediately decide that you are an unconscious animal and you don’t care about her problems and worries.

“Did you gain some weight?”

ALL women are worried about their bodies! Someone is worried about too wide hips, someone – about too small breasts, someone – because of teeth, and so on. Any jokes about the shape, weight, body, and appearance are akin to wandering on the minefield. You never know where you can get on an “unpleasant” topic.

This is the forbidden question you should never ask a woman. In addition, women sometimes complex about what you would be proud of (big breast, long neck, and beautiful legs, etc.). So, the rule is simple: you can talk about her appearance either with a laudatory intonation or don’t talk at all.

“How is your lovely ex-boyfriend?”

This is not the best question to ask a woman. No matter how many times a girl says that her ex is stupid, your jokes in his address will be perceived as a personal affront. Yes, he is stupid, but he is her ex and you have no right to say this.

The ways of women’s logic are inscrutable: this happens unconsciously, due to some completely irrational impulse and in 99% of cases, not because a girl still loves her ex-boyfriend (however, it will be difficult for you to get rid of such thoughts). Even if you seek women to marry online, the topic of your exes should never come to the surface.

“What do you prefer in sex?”

This is a good question to ask a woman you like only if you are not at the very beginning of a relationship. There is something paradoxical about this: the comic talent helps men drag women into their bed, but as soon as you lie in a horizontal position, it is better to keep silent. And the thing is that a woman sitting opposite you in the restaurant and the same lady in the entourage of the bedroom are two completely different creatures.

The threshold of sensitivity becomes noticeably lower when a woman is naked. It is very difficult to guess what joke will make her laugh and what will plunge her into the abyss of depression. Therefore, it is better not to start. After all, history knows a lot of examples when the absurd joke made the first intimacy the last, but none when the lack of humor in bed became the problem.

“Can you cook something else except eggs?”

Never joke about her culinary skills or about their absence. It has historically happened that the best chefs were men. But still, women cook too. And it’s better not to encroach on their culinary skills, even in a humorous way. So, why are they so sensitive to jokes about this? Because there is the opinion in the public mind that the ability to cook is something innate and gender-determined quality. “Was born a woman? You must be able to cook! Oh, you don’t know how?!

It turns out that you are some kind of wrong, bad, unreal woman!” I hope you understand now that commenting her culinary skills, you are touching something more serious than domestic issues. And you get the appropriate reaction. Try to look for some more interesting question to ask a woman.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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