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Reasons Why Guys Do Not Have Empathy

It is known that Men are from Mars. Well, they are that gender on Earth who do not express easily. You might have to dig in with a lot of questions to actually understand what they are thinking, and while doing that, be careful, they might as well just get irritated with your questions! Often, women think and believe in the fact that men cannot empathize. If that is true, here are some reasons as to why they cannot empathize –

A man is always expected to be strong

By birth, men are expected to be strong and be the one who can handle every situation without getting emotional. That is why, they lose out on all other emotional stuff, while they are dealing with a crisis and this comes out to look like men are not empathetic.

The Male Ego

The Male ego is something that everybody is aware of. When the time comes that a man has to actually empathize with the person or the situation, the ego just does not allow it. And by the time, men come out of that whole ego circle, it is too late and that is why, in the situation, they are doomed to be tagged as non-emphatic.

Lack of expression

Even if men do feel something, they are horrible at expressing it to the right people at the right time and in the right way! They fail to express their thoughts and feeling and that is why it is difficult for a person to actually analyze what they are going through.

Men take time to process the feelings

Men want to believe and portray that they are strong and not emotional. That is why they take time to correspond to their actual feelings of emotion. They take time to process, and then more time to show it to the world.