Top 10 Beauty Secrets Of Stars


Oh! How many times we have looked into the mirror and wished for the flawless skin that film stars seem to possess and flaunt every time they step out. It is not that they were born with the eye-catching beauty they seem to have. Let us take a sneak peek into their beauty regimen and beauty secrets.

What are the top 10 beauty secrets of stars?

A good workout:

The hourglass figures that we envy in film stars or the well-toned body that we so admire, is the result of long hours of sweat. A good work-out brings down the stress levels and releases endorphins, ‘the feel-good hormones’.

A good diet:

Your skin is as healthy as you eat! If you take a diet rich in vitamins and minerals your skins like no cosmetics in the world can make it glow. The glow on Angelina Jolie’s face speaks volumes about her diet. A diet rich in Vitamin A can make the skin glow. A diet rich in berries works wonders too as berries are full of antioxidants.

Adequate sleep plus water:

It is true that drinking adequate water does wonder for the skin. A good night’s sleep is also essential in bringing the glow back to your face.

Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation is the fountain of youth. It contributes to the skin feeling fresh and smooth. Exfoliation makes the skin feel younger.

Let the beauty products be made from ingredients from the kitchen:

The fewer chemicals that get used on your skin, the better it feels! Face masks can be easily made from the ingredients available at home.

Say no to alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine:

If you like your coffee and hard drinks, your skin will definitely show the ill effects of this love of yours. Smoking can have an equally debilitating effect on your skin. Thus, to acquire that flawless look, you may have to forego some of life’s pleasures.

Add greens to your diet and cut down on dairy:

To get rid of that persistent acne, switching to a diet that increases the intake of greens and cuts down on dairy really helps.

Use sunscreen:

Sunscreen can prove to be the best anti-aging product. UV light can be the top cause of premature skin aging and it is best to block out those UV rays using a good sunscreen.

 Use the best beauty products:

It is best to indulge yourself in quality beauty products otherwise the chemicals may cause long-lasting damage.

Remove makeup before sleep without fail:

A golden rule to be followed is that makeup should never be left in the face before sleeping. If it is not removed, it can lead to break-outs.

As can be seen, staying beautiful is a lot of hard work and requires immense discipline but it’s well worth the effort.

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