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Valentine’s day is all about Love. A valentine’s day gift is a way to demonstrate how much you love your special someone. And need I say, the gift should be as special and unique as your love is. But finding a gift that truly symbolizes your feelings is not a simple task. Well, we have brought for you an idea that always works. Valentine’s day card!! Sending a valentine’s day card might look old school to you but with a bit of customization and personalization, this idea can never go wrong.

In this article, I am going to share some smart tips to create your own Valentine’s Day card without spending a single penny. Moreover, I am also going to share some beautiful templates using which you can do it too. So let’s get started:

Tip #1: Vintage Charm Never Goes Wrong:

Vintage inspired designs are on trend these days and not going away anytime sooner. So if your lover has a soft corner for traditional yet elegant things, you can go ahead with a vintage-inspired card that can best suit her personality. Also when it comes to vintage-inspired cards, make sure to

Use muted colors in pastel tones, such as dusty pink, sky blue, rusty red, etc.

Use curved baseline to give it more of a retro touch.

Use frame and banners to add text items.

Keep it simple and make love at a central stage.

Tip #2: Go Modern Style for Your not-so traditional lover:

For those, who are more of the modern lovers, modern style valentine day cards can prove to be more of a fresh air and gender neutral. If you are looking for a modern looking valentine day card, below are some guidelines you need to follow:

Use the palette of punchy primary colors like orange, red, blue and combine it with a neat white background.

Since it is an era of emoticons, use emojis that express your feelings.

Make use of simple, sans-serif fonts. I recommend you to not use any fussy script type as it will ruin the overall feel.

Tip #3: Think Out Of The Box:

If your love is special and unique, why shouldn’t your card be? To create a card that can demonstrate your love, you must understand your partner’s personality, their choices, likes and dislikes. Here are some ideas:

You can collect pictures of some beautiful moments you shared together and use it on the card as a token of love. This is surely going to melt their heart.

If you are expecting the first date by sending this card to your crush, why not make it as an event invitation? Cool, no?

Tip #4: When in doubt, use Pink:

Pink and Red are the colors of Love. If the whole lot of colors are making you scared, play safe and pick either Red or Pink. Soft Pink color has that perfect balance of modernity and romance.Although very common, this color never ceases to amaze us. Use it with vintage style cards to leave a big smile on their lips. Use sugary pastel shades of baby blue, mint and pink.

Note: Avoid using garish hot pink shades as it will spoil the overall theme of your valentine’s day card.

Tip #5: If DIY is still not your thing, design with free online tools:

My boyfriend just hates these DIY things. If you are also one of those, you can check out some amazing online valentine’s day card maker tools. These tools let you design perfect valentine’s day cards for your love within 10 minutes.

Below are some Valentine’s day cards I designed online. It was fun 🙂

So guys, Valentine’s day cards never have to be dull or boring. With some customization and personal touch, this idea can never go wrong. Go ahead and touch your love’s heart by designing a beautiful  Valentine’s day card for your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Stay Happy! Stay in Love!


Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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