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Treat Your Body Like a Temple – Arti Pal

In today’s era, women are no less than a man! They too achieve all possible degrees in educational and professional field, standing at par with man. But it is quite rare, that a woman has been able to achieve success in her professional field while she perfectly maintains her responsibility of her family. One such woman, who not only decided to pursue her career and her dreams-aspirations but also maintains her family lovingly, is Aarti Pal.

Our Body is Like a Temple

Aarti has been brought up in an Army Land and has completed her Higher Secondary from Shiksha Kendriya Vidhyalay, post this, she decided to pursue B.ed from Lucknow Vishwavidhyalay. As soon as she completed her graduation, she was tied in a knot, in an auspicious bond of marriage.

Since Aarti did not have any aspiration to become a teacher, she decided to choose modeling as her career. With great titles like Mrs. Lucknow, Mrs. U.P, and Mrs. India Planet, she knew this was the kick start to her career.

After winning the auspicious title of Mrs. India Planet, when asked what are her future plans, Aarti quoted, “ I would like to help those woman gain back their fame and reputation who have sacrificed their career and aspirations for the sake of their family’s well being, those who lose their name, just to take care of their family.” Aarti, like herself wishes to help all those women to manage both their professional and personal lives at the same time.

I Learned to Love My Body – Arti Pal

This is more like a social work, which will encourage women to step affront and take lead. Standing true to her word, Aarti organized Mrs. U.P, where ramp-walker’s up to the age of 50+ were seen. According to her, God has provided women with such dual-strength, that they can easily manage both their home and professional life alike, so, we can acquire fame in both the fields.

Opposing the stereotypes, Aarti believes that wearing short clothes is not a sin or a wrong doing, but you must not misuse this to take any shortcuts in life. As per her, it is important to follow the rules, work hard in order to achieve your goals and not leap into a shortcut by flaunting your body.

It is nothing but her hard-work which has brought her soo far in this journey. She believes that our body is like a temple, the more you love and respect it, the more it glorifies and looks beautiful.

When asked about her personal life and a habit that she really wants to change, Aarti quoted, “I easily trust people, due to which I have also faced a lot of setbacks and losses. Given a chance, I would like to change this habit, and be able to judge people better, so they do not take advantage of me.”

Moving on towards Aarti’s hobbies, in her free time, she loves to sweat out in the gym, which of course is of utmost importance keeping in mind her stature and poise. Other than this, she is a great fan of Emraan Hashmi and doesn’t miss any movie of his. She is also an avid and graceful dancer. This talent of hers is soon going to be revealed, with her upcoming Album..!!

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