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It is known that a person loses hundreds of hairs every day (it is considered normal if up to 100 hairs fallout per day), but we do not notice this at all, since they are replaced by new ones. But if hair growth slows down or for some reason their hair loss accelerates, this can cause incipient balding (the scientific name is “alopecia”). Hair loss may be partial. Of course, men are more susceptible to baldness, and it begins with the frontal areas and crown. Therefore, if you began to detect lost hair in your mornings on your pillow, this is an occasion to reflect on the causes of hair loss and begin to take measures to combat this phenomenon.

Simple hair loss test

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To determine that everything is in order with your hair, perform a simple hair loss test. To do this, carefully consider your hair fell out. If there is no dark bag on its tip, there are no reasons for concern yet. If there is a bag, then do this experience: do not wash your hair for three days, and then pull the bundle of hair growing on the crown and temples. If every time after such an experience you have more than five hairs left in your hand, this means that you have certain pathology and you need to look for the cause of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss can be very diverse. The main ones are:

  1. Insufficient immunity

Hair loss in women can be caused by loss of immunity. This often happens when the body is weakened or when it is running at an “elevated speed”. So, many women noted hair loss after giving birth or during breastfeeding. In addition, frequent respiratory or more serious diseases of a cold (infectious) nature can also cause alopecia. It can also cause hair loss in men.


This can be fought. Consult with the doctor, what drugs need to be taken to restore immunity. Do not exhaust yourself diets, better exercise. This will help strengthen the body and get rid of colds. Leave each summer to the sea, where the body is tempered and get enough vitamin D.

  1. The lack of iron in the body

Lack of iron in the female body can occur due to monthly blood loss during the “critical days” or the abuse of various new-fangled diets. Constant fasting, as a result – anemia, drowsiness, and general weakness are all signs of iron deficiency in the body.


To recover and restore the functions of the skin of the head, it is necessary to replenish the iron balance in the body. You can drink a course of vitamins, as well as eat iron-containing foods. These include: liver, fish and meat (beef), egg yolk, rye bread, cereal (buckwheat, oatmeal), iron-containing juices (apple, pomegranate).

  1. Reaction to medication

“One we treat – another cripple!” – says the popular saying. Many drugs have such an effect on the scalp and hair. The most serious of these is chemotherapy (prescribed for the treatment of cancer). However, not only such drastic measures lead to baldness in men and women. Pills for high blood pressure, some birth control pills, some steroids, antidepressants, diuretics, and aspirin are common to such negative consequences.

What to do?

As soon as the course of treatment is completed, the hairline will be restored (except for cases of a rather severe course of the disease, for example, cancerous tumors). However, this is not necessary. In a part of oncological patients the hair is fully restored. It is impossible to stop taking the drugs without consulting a doctor.

  1. Hormonal level, chemotherapy and taking various hormonal drugs

The cause of hair loss in women can be hormonal disorders. These or other hormones, or rather, their imbalance, affect hair loss. In addition, endocrine disorders or diabetes mellitus can be the causes of  the disease.


Visit the endocrinologist, check the thyroid gland, make blood tests for hormones and biochemistry. After consulting a doctor, you will be able to take medications that will not only save you from hair loss, but also help your endocrine system. The course of treatment is usually 2-3 weeks (up to 24 days).

  1. Various infectious diseases of the scalp

Infectious diseases of the scalp such as seborrhea and dermatitis cause hair loss. Causes of dermatitis can be both external pathogens and the internal state of the whole organism, for example, allergic reactions.

How to prevent hair loss?

Consult your doctor to determine the cause of the appearance of one or another type of dermatitis. Here, unfortunately, neither the mask for the scalp nor the grass will help. First you need to cure the disease.

  1. Insufficient blood supply to the hair roots and scalp

No less important cause of hair loss is insufficient blood supply to the blood vessels of the head. The cause of this violation may be any common disease (cardiovascular, osteochondrosis), as well as frequent use of caffeinated beverages: coffee, strong tea. Under the influence of these drinks vessels sharply narrowed. In addition, frequent use of alcohol also adversely affects the scalp.

What to do?

Limit 1-2 cups of coffee per day. Let all the drinks in your diet be in moderation. Exercise, “dilute” sedentary lifestyle with other activities, go for a walk every day, relax as much as possible.

  1. Not enough saturated with vitamins and trace elements

Often the cause of hair loss is the lack of trace elements and vitamins, which is particularly sensitive during spring hypervitaminosis (beriberi). In addition, the frequent use of alcohol and the habit of smoking also “burns” some of the vitamins that help the body fight against intoxication.


Take a vitamin complex in the spring, after consulting with your physician. And also eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You can supplement your diet with some trace elements. Remember that a healthy body gives out shiny, lush hair, beautiful, non-fragile nails.

  1. Consequences of the transferred stress

Often hair falls out of constant stress at work or at home. It should be a little nervous, as already appear “first signs”. Of course, if the stress was single, then the recovery will not take long. But if the stress has already passed into the “chronic” form, then the vessels of the scalp become very narrow, the blood circulation is noticeably weakened, and the hair begins to fall out intensively.


It is not necessary to sit on antidepressants. Enough to drink tea with mint. In general, herbal infusions calm, relax. You can take a bath with additives of herbs mint and chamomile. It is also desirable to get enough sleep after work, because constant fatigue will again lead to stress.

  1. Impact of polluted environment and aggressive external factors.

The condition of the hair can be affected by the ecological situation in the region. Air pollution, elevated levels of radiation, various precipitations, plus irrational and improper nutrition – all of these factors affect the health of not only the hair, but also the whole body.


The best way out would be to move to a more environmentally friendly area. If this is not possible, it is necessary to maintain the body with clean products, avoid stressful situations and chronic diseases, so that you can more easily endure the negative influence of the environment.

  1. Exposure to high and low temperatures.

This problem can be observed in adults and children. Hair loss in children, however, as in adults, can be caused by a careless attitude to their health. For example, walking without a hat in the cold or in the open sun.

Be healthy and beautiful!

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

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