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Glass Skin Makeup Look

Christmas and New Year is round the corner and you must have thought about your attire and makeup. When it comes to makeup particularly during festive season makeup is the first thing that comes to your mind. If you want to go minimal this year there are some classy makeup looks that trended and I could not help but looking forward to share with you.

If you want to achieve that look you have to strive for them as they were all not so easy to achieve but they looked really good on no matter what skin tone, skin type you have. So let’s take a look at those trends and let us know which one you love the most. 

Glass Skin Makeup Look

Glass skin makeup look is quite in and party’s favourite.  For that glass skin makeup look you need to follow skincare regime and few steps. There are some new makeup tutorials that is superb achieving the similar glass skin look through makeup. Check how


Highlighter is the best and first thing that you need to make it done carefully on your face. All Bollywood star’s first choice and this look was achieved several times by their makeup artist. It makes you look vibrant and having mirror like shine. Keep in mind do not overdo it.

Go minimal in eye makeup

No use of colour black and keep the brown shades in your palette to achieve the childlike innocence. You layer it with different shades starting from a light brown and then end it with a sparkle brown on the lids. 


Bushy eyebrows are in new trend and its comeback is smash hit. Even when stars like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone got their eyebrows made from the artiste, well it is crystal clear that bushy and bladed and prominent brows were made. They look so pure and generous.

No Makeup Look

The nude makeup look is mandatory for this season and gives edgy look this festive season.  This makeup look is quite good at looking and makes you feel that you have one no makeup.  But this look is not easy to achieve and I can bet when you get this look perfectly then you will stand apart from all in the crowd.