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5 Tips For A Great Vacation In Croatia

Croatia is a remarkable Adriatic country with over 1200 Islands, unspoiled beaches, world-class vineyards, spectacular and stunning nature. This has made this nation to be Europe’s rising tourist star. If you are to enjoy all that Croatia offers there are things you should know to make your holiday extra fun and exciting.

The following are 5 tips for a great vacation in Croatia;

1.Go Island hopping.

Instead of making day trips in Islands, plan to jump from one Island to the other. Each of the Thousand Islands has a unique character and you are assured of enjoying different cultures and features. The secret to having an exciting experience is to ensure you have a planned itinerary. Even though the Islands are close geographically, they are usually far enough when it comes to ease of transport. Knowing the right time when charter boats move from one Island to another will, therefore, help you save money and time. Alternatively, you can decide to rent a yacht to sail along the Adriatic sea. It is important to note that while both Korcula and Hvar Islands are beautiful, Korcula is quieter and laid back than Hvar which is a more high-end destination.

2.Travel by road, forget the trains.

Unlike most countries in Europe, the train network in Croatia is less convenient for tourist travel. Always consider traveling by bus since they are reliable, efficient and remarkably comfortable. Road travel is the most preferred due to the modern well-maintained road network. There are also taxis mostly in major towns like Split and Zagreb though they are more expensive compared to buses. Ferries also offer another reliable mode of transport.

3.Taste the excellent wine and olive oil.

If you travel to Croatia and fail to taste their wine, then your vacation should feel less fulfilling. Never miss the chance of tasting their unique wine and olive because you may never get to taste it anywhere out of Croatia. This is because the people here produce small quantities, just enough for their domestic market due to the small size of land. One of the local brands is Karlovacko which is a local favorite. Each area has its typical type of wine. The Dalmatia, for example, is known for the dry Posip white and the mighty Dingac red. Malvasia wine, on the other hand, is majorly found in Istria and Dubrovnik regions. Never fail to taste these qualities and one of a kind wines and Olive oil. They are the taste of Croatia’s exceptional vineyards.

4.Consider renting an apartment.

This is not only a way of saving money but also a chance to experience Croatian culture firsthand. These rentals offer a basic kitchen where you can prepare your seafood fresh from the sea. You can also learn from the hospitable locals on how to prepare the food using the local recipe. You can explore the food markets and talk to the local to understand more about their culture. This way you make your vacation in Croatia great.

5.Venture outside the main cities.

While most travelers concentrate on what is in the main city, they always miss out on what is available outside the main cities. Beyond the main cities lie peaceful towns that are a drive away. These towns offer a serene environment that allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery peacefully. Some of the places to go to include; Sibenik, Pula which is a Roman amphitheater, Trogir which is an old town with beautiful beaches that is less than an hour drive from Split, and Cavtat that is an hour drive away from Dubrovnik. While traveling to these towns make sure you use a car.

This will ensure that you enjoy a perfect road trip as you watch the breath-taking scenery. Indeed these towns are a proof that there is more to Croatia than Split and Dubrovnik.

There you have it; the above tips will help make your vacation in Croatia more interesting and memorable.