Affordable Getaway Ideas for Your Next Family Vacation


School is out, which means family vacation is in! And when it comes to family getaways, no one could be busier than Mom or Dad. There are so many things you have to do—from scouting for the perfect place, organizing fun activities to enjoy with family members, planning your meals, and of course, working out the budget.  

Indeed, family vacations don’t have to be super expensive if you plan well enough. Here, we offer some ideas for a budget-friendly yet fun-filled family vacation:



Camping is a favorite vacation activity among many families, especially for the adventurers. It can be a fun way to go outdoors with your family, too. You can rent a cabin or set up a tent depending on the campsite you choose.


Bring home-cooked food, canned goods, and simple snacks so that you’ll have enough provision while camping. Take your favorite board game with you, too!  

Museum Tour

Whether you’re heading out of town or whiling away time in the city, you could include this activity in your itinerary. There are different types of museums that you can visit – art, cultural, science, food, history, and a whole lot more. Just pick the one that will suit everyone’s interest.

Road Trip


Road trips are best for discovering new places or revisiting familiar ones that are special to the family. Along the way, you can stop on the roadside and take pictures to document your travel like travel photographer Ralph Wunsch.


Be sure to check out budget restaurants before hitting the road so that you could save on meals. Last, but not least, fill your playlist with songs and music from different genres so no one will feel bored or restless.

Food Park


If you’re a food-loving family who’s used to having family picnics in the past, you could try going to food parks this time. You can find them across cities and towns, with some of them using the food truck concept.


While a trip to the nearest food park is most enjoyable at night (think of star and moon gazing while enjoying good food with your family), grabbing a quick bite at daytime is also worth it. Not to mention, easy on the pocket.


Swimming at a Local Resort


Swimming remains the most popular vacation activity, but nowadays, you don’t have to travel far to take a dip in the pool. Local resorts provide a worthy alternative to the ones found in hotels and other tourist destinations with facilities that are equally attractive, clean, and safe.


All-inclusive resorts could let you save money since you’re paying for a complete package – accommodation, food, drinks, relaxation, and entertainment – which might cost you more if you purchased them separately.
Some resorts are even pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about tagging your furry family member along.


So you see, having a tight budget should not stop you from going on a holiday and spending quality time with your family. Research, planning, and creativity are all you need to make your next family vacation happen.

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