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Best Indian Freelance Websites

Today people want to be free and have a job they love. Many smart people make freelancing their main occupation and they earn a reasonable amount of money. The best side of freelancing is working whenever and wherever you want.

The number of freelance web pages grows together with its popularity. On the Indian freelance sites, you can find any job you like. We have created the list of the most popular Indian freelance websites and how to get clients through them.

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Best Indian Freelance Websites


Nowadays this website is among the top ten in India. It has joined the talented freelancers from the categories, like Web Designers, Computer Programmers, Copywriters, Logo Designers, Data Experts and others.

This page guarantees that the freelancer will get monthly payments and that client will be satisfied with the performed job. They clearly list the gig and deliverables for both parties before working.

Truelancer has a mobile app. It accelerates the response of the freelancer to a client, as many freelancers are logged in through a gadget.


Touchtalent is one more freelance work site. It is designed for creative people, who want to work online. As a rule, their clients come from 100 countries.

You can create an account and show your creative material to others. The freelancers of Touchtalent share painting, WhatsApp backgrounds, videos, creative bobbles, movies, paintings and so on.
This page also has a mobile version.


WorknHire meets Indian needs, as it is created only for Indian people. Their categories are data entry, copywriting, programming, logo, graphic designing and so on. An escrow payments system guarantees payments on time.

Thanks to WorknHire you can search people, that are closer to the place you live. Freelancers use it for free. Till now the competition is not so high, so it is a perfect freelancing place as for today.


This freelance site operates for almost ten years. The webpage UI and UX is quite entangled and hard to read. But if you are able to tweak around there, you can find a freelance job. This website is at a slight disadvantage in comparison to others because the process of searching is quite hard.


It is not exactly the website for freelance job search, but more of contracting web page. Here you look for a client for a short-term collaboration. Afterwards, you can decide whether you want to work on a long-term basis.

You have to pay for posting projects. But note that it is not an escrow format and the payments are not secure.


This Indian freelance website is quite different from the others. It is designed for students-freelancers. This portal offers many short- and long-time projects, that are targeted for students.
Youthforwork displays the tests you have to write. The score you get will reflect you score GIGs.


This India-based freelance site proposed Global Standard in Indian Price. They specialize in startups, collaborated with more than 2000 startups and over 30 got funded. The personalized manager helps a startup till the project is completed. It gives more chances to succeed and help accountability.


The majority consider Craiglist to be a platform for purchasing and selling different stuff. But not everybody knows that it is a good freelance job source. You can search local offerings if you want to work in the office and look for a remote job in the major cities.

This is one of the greatest web pages for Indian freelance jobs when it comes to the creative area. You can find an animator, copywriter, sound editor, designer, video editor and other creative kinds of job. You can join this site for free and start applying for projects straight away.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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