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Easy Way to Build Your Own Free App for Android

If you are interested in showcasing your audio or video or picture files on your android and make them accessible to your fans and followers, friends and relatives anywhere in the world, you can build your own app for your android phone, customize it to your requirements and behold! The job is done. It will cost you nothing in terms of money and a very little time. It can build any application and then make it available as a general app. What you get as a result of your app building project is a functional and simplistic Application that runs on your Android phone.

Advantages of building your video app for free

If you are serious about the project to build your app for free, and customize it for organizing your videos, you can follow some easy steps and there you are, ready to take on the world. The basic advantages of using the video app to get yourself organised include:

* Opportunity of growing with the video storing and showcasing app. All your followers will be having easy access to any of your video that they want to download. They just need to download the app and then they can start watching and enjoying. The updation from your end will automatically be reflected in your fan’s account.

* You also get the option of notifying people to watch some particular video meant just for him / her. You can remind people on the other side or even yourself to watch and review certain videos or article that you have posted earlier.

* Your audiences/ clients or friends would be mesmerised at the beauty and clarity of the music / videos and live performances.

What do you get on your application on android?

After you make your own app free android and set up the app for your own videos, you can now customize and organize it to your liking and to the best convenience of your audiences.

* You get the option of building an interface for your own showcase that may be innovative, modern and highly attractive. There can be a convenient carousel of all your video screenshots. What’s best is that there is no limit to how many screenshots may be added to the list.

* You get an absolutely free trial pack. Here there is absolutely no hidden cost. And you won’t wake up to find some sudden surprises sprung upon you. In this free package, you can save and showcase YouTube videos, display articles of your choice. You also get the android app for free as well as the Admin Panel to customise and arrange the windows to your liking. However, in the free pack, you cannot upload or display your very own videos.

* Then there is this Premium Plan for 30 days at a nominal rate, which you can install and use for free for the first one month. Then there is the popular package where you have the liberty of uploading as many of your videos as you want.

So, now I guess you are clear about the steps in making your own Android App.