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Indian Government says that IPL 2020 should be cancelled amid Coronavirus scare

Indian Government urged on 19th March to cancel the IPL tournament because of the threat that coronavirus has brought along with it to India. The organizers say that they are even ready to play matches in empty stadiums to keep the tournament on schedule. There is a meeting on Sunday between the cricket leaders to decide whether the tournament of T20 will start from 15th April or not. They will further decide whether they should go ahead to organize IPL. The international finals between India and South Africa was played without public gathering and there were no spectators as well.

A spokesperson of the ministry of external affairs urged sports federations to take decisions in the favour of public interest and decide wisely about the holding events. Dammu Ravi said that they should decide about it keeping the organisers in mind and think over whether to go ahead or not. He adds that he would advise not to go ahead with the decision of doing IPL this time. Moreover, if they still plan to do it, then it is completely their choice. Because of the involvement of huge stakes they are planning to not let it go completely. 

A senior BCCI official said that they are ready to start IPL even without crowds. Audiences will be able to see it through TV only as it is a case of National emergency and nothing can be done about it. 

On top of that there are Visa restrictions as well because of growing coronavirus cases and one death. This may close the doors for Australian players from entering the country. Maharashtra has called on the central government and has requested to pass the order of helding matches without spectators. European football leagues are following the same strategy.