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Natural and Medicinal Remedies for Diabetes Type 2

Don’t blame yourself or stress after you get Diabetes Type 2. It may be or may not be your fault. People also genetically get this problem from parents from birth. So it happens. Now think on the positive side of life and keep your body fit and fine to fight this disease out and keep it aside from your lovely cheerful life.

Diabetes Type 2 happens when your body has a low level of insulin present in the body or maybe there is insulin but the body becomes inefficient to use it properly. Both ways, you are diagnosed to be Diabetic Type 2. No worries! You are still safe as there are both natural and medicinal remedies, which will keep your body safe and going throughout your life.
Natural Remedies:

1. Sleep properly for at least 6-7 hours daily: A sound sleep can keep you away from stress and worries ultimately making your insulin level in the body better. Please keep your mobiles and laptops away from you in the night. If possible, switch them off. Your brain needs peace!

2. Exercise every morning: Get up early at around 6:30 am or 7:00 am and go out for a walk followed by little easy exercise. If you love dancing or Zumba, it’s again a good choice for you. There are different forms of exercise classes available now like Pilates, power yoga, aerobics, etc. You may choose whichever excites you, and it forms a best start for a good day!

3. Eat Right and Natural: Eat fruits, vegetables, cereals etc directly without buying processed foods. All processed foods are harmful. Cheese or ready to eat packets are not at all advisable. In Diabetes Type 2. You need to avoid sweets, but that’s not it, you need to avoid everything processed like pickles, cold drinks, white flour bread in the usual routine. The more fiber rich food you consume, the better your life would stay.

4. Meditation: Keep your mind free from all work pressures and family tensions for some time and sit peacefully. This time is yours and your body badly needs it.

5. Plan your day: Keep your work life active. I mean just don’t sit in front of office desk for 9-10 hours. Keep moving, sit upright and exercise your body muscles a little bit. If you are a homemaker, avoid sleeping in afternoon. This will keep you active and fit.
Medicinal Remedies:
1. Insulin Injections: Some patients are prescribed to inject insulin daily via injection due to body resistance of insulin. Only tablet intake won’t help them. This is the worse medicine but unavoidable. Once your body starts taking Insulin, you will have to continue for a lifetime.

2. Medicines: Alopathic Medicines are most common treatment. Every other patient is asked to take medicine before food daily and this continues for a lifetime. You should never play with medicines intake and take them regularly.

3. Through IV: When a patient faces a heavy rise in blood sugar levels and no medicines work, he needs to be admitted. Through an IV, the patient is injected with insulin and hence treated under supervision.
Since there is no permanent cure for diabetes type 2 till date,the doctors will advise you a course of medicinal treatment depending upon your condition.But also follow natural remedies as they can help you to a great extent in leading a healthy life.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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