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It no more remains a secret that the intent behind the existence of business organisations is to grow and maximise their revenues.

One of the many ways to maximise business revenue is to minimise operational expenses and investments and focus on business growth by acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. While customers can be retained by offering them immaculate customer services, acquiring new customers is a daunting task. It involves careful planning and execution of marketing strategies.

If done right, marketing is that efficient business technique that drives an organisation towards scalable business growth. To accomplish this, it is necessary that businesses pay special attention at effective planning and implementation of marketing strategies and careful allotment of resources. Marketing is not as simple as it may seem. It has many aspects and different forms. Direct marketing, promotion, broadcasting and telemarketing all are different forms of marketing.

Even in this age of digital marketing, where people prefer to meet and greet others over different social media platforms, telemarketing remains one of the strongest marketing techniques. This is mainly due to the fact that telemarketing not only allows the caller and the person on the other side of the phone to interact with each other,  but pick up the unsaid things by hearing their voice and deciphering the ups and downs of each other’s pitch and tone. This is one of the many reasons why business organisations are still keen to enforce strong telemarketing strategies that will ultimately help them acquire new customers and ensure business growth. For this reason, they don’t mind spending extra bucks to avail professional services offered by telemarketing companies that claim to assist businesses boost their sales number and revenue. They make it happen by adapting end-to-end result oriented marketing strategies that make use of statistics and focuses on identifying target audience, setting up realistic goals and device techniques to achieve the goals. Proficient telemarketing companies that provide best in-class services ensure that from initial focus to script designing, every stage of telemarketing is not only carefully planned, but is also carefully executed.

As per industry pundits, in the last couple of decades telemarketing has emerged out as one of the possibly best avenues that help businesses generate significant returns on the investments that they make.

Regardless of the fact whether a business chooses to handle the telemarketing function in-house or outsource it to telemarketing companies, it is crucial that the entire exercise is well planned so that it helps the business penetrate wider audience base and leave a strong mark on its target audience. If a business plans to outsource the telemarketing function to third-party service providers, then it must consider collaborating with such outsourcing partner that include both lead generation and appointment setting services in its telemarketing service package.

Telemarketing is not a one or two day exercise. To reap maximum benefits of availing telemarketing services, a business organisation must run the entire exercise for a minimum of 5-6 months. As telemarketing companies are experienced in running these exercises, they know all the intricacies of telemarketing and know that every plan needs to be well in sync with each other things, thus they do an assessment study and do a trial run before actually launching the actual telemarketing exercise. Not only this, they know the importance of the entire exercise for a business, that is why they ensure that  every new telemarketing exercise that they launch is managed and monitored by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professional who have undergone special training to understand the work model and offerings of a particular business.

While these are all the things that good telemarketing companies will ensure on their own but, there are something that business organisations must keep into account while outsourcing their telemarketing functions.  Other than the cost effectiveness and domain expertise of its outsourcing partners, there are a few things that a business must take care of.

A business should never rely on any one outsourcing partner. It must work on creating a healthy and sustainable work relationship with at least two or more telemarketing companies, as it will help business gain more business. Also, it must strive on collaborating with such companies that not only understand the importance of proper documentation, but also maintain proper records.

A business that keeps all these things in mind while choosing its outsourcing partner will leverage the benefits offered by outsourcing and will reach the pinnacle of success in no time.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat