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With the surgical strike against the terrorists across the border, Indian PM Narendra Damodardas Modi has gone past the rhetorics to the action. We all will go all the way to support him on this type of maneuvers and it’s time we make this a policy.

As we have attacked some terrorist bases across the border, Pakistani establishment will first deny vehemently. Till some relevant documents are released from the Indian side, they will have restraint. They won’t like to be seen supporting the terrorists stationed at their side to the world in the wake of Uri.

Now Pakistan will have to make a clear line that will keep PoKashmiri Freedom Fighters, if they exist independently, from Islamist terrorists sponsored by the state.
Pakistan army or terrorists won’t have any retaliatory action against the surgical strike in the nearest future. Pakistan military has of course been on high alert after the Uri attack but may not be ready for such response from the Indian side.

On Surgical strike, will there be a retaliatory action from Pakistan? No. Not now.


Pakistani PM will be having all the support for the befitting reply but now it’s time they show some restraints lest they want a showdown. ITs major ally China will try to convince for a restraint.

And the terrorists, who have suffered a ‘heavy loss’, may wait for a couple of weeks till they are ready or things start to get normalize.

Surgical Strikes Across Line of Control (LoC) At
7 Terror Camps


By the way, There won’t be a full-fledged war with Pakistan (not even a cross-border fire) as we are not targeting any Pakistani Army or its post. We are only targeting terrorists holed in and training in PoK (Azad Kashmir for Pakistan) that is not a sovereign state but a disputed area. So, Pakistan and its army can only show it’s concern for the awam of (Azad) Kashmir.

If the government of PoK, virtually an extended Pakistani territory, send SOS call to the sovereign state of Pakistan, there won’t be a full-scale war. There may be some cross firing along the border with PoK or it will be limited to some skirmishes. The immediate effect of this development on terrorists will make them go into the interiors. Out of the reach of Indian forces.

Amit Kumar
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