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WhatsApp to Instagram: 5 New Features in 5 Popular Apps

In this cut throat competition in the world of technology continuous innovation is a necessity if the companies want to meet the need of the consumers. Some of the  new features in 5 Popular Apps are-

  1. Undisclosed Chat in Facebook Messenger

Just to make chatting more private on Messenger, Facebook is trying a new feature known as secret conversations. Though the conversation on Messenger is asserted to be already cosseted by strong safety systems, the conception of secret conversations will take security to next level. This indicates that the chats taking place under secret conversations are all encrypted and can be seen only by the sender and the person to whom it is sent and no one despite that and for that matter not even-Facebook



  1. New Series of Emojis

Google has revealed a fresh series of emojis rejoicing gender and cultural diversity. As per Google, 90 per cent of the population online makes use of emoji when chatting or making remarks and whilst the category of emojis is escalating, variety has not been a part of that.

New Series of Emojis

  1. Faster Reading links

Facebook is coming up with reading links on Messenger which are faster than  before owing to Instant Articles support. Instant Articles that are live on mobile apps of Facebook’s load up ten times quicker than a normal web article.

Faster Reading links

  1. Translation Button in Instagram

To have connection among users worldwide, Instagram has declared that it shall  roll out an exclusive translation button. You will see the button on profile bios and feed stories printed in languages dissimilar from the user’s verbal communication. It will at first support languages that include Chinese, Korean, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Translation Button in Instagram

  1. Twitter Supporting Animated GIFs

Twitter was supporting animated GIFs for nearly two years but now it has improved the size limit for GIFs from merely 5 MB to 15 MB.

Twitter Supporting Animated GIFs