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Kitchen Seasoned with Lights – 5 Lighting Ideas to Liven Up Your Kitchen

When planning for a kitchen renovation, probably one of the things that come to the bottom of the planning list is the kitchen lighting. With the appliances, counters, flooring, and fridge in mind, the light probably seems like an inconsequential detail of the improvement process.

However, giving your kitchen the proper lighting is crucial. For one, considering it as among the top priorities of your kitchen renovation can save you from a lot of hassle in the remodeling process. If your kitchen has windows, you can shape up the rooms ability to take in some natural light and save on your electricity bill in the future. On the other hand, if you want your kitchen to assume a distinctive ambiance, installing dimmers and colored lighting is the best way to get started.

Luckily, there are many options for kitchen lighting for us to choose.

The first thing to consider is to decide what type of lighting would complement with the particular style and setting of your kitchen. Here are some appropriate questions to ask yourself: “Would I like to make a statement with my kitchen lights, or is it more advantageous to keep it more formal by keeping them working secretly in the background?”

For your next kitchen improvement, here are some lighting ideas to ponder.

Hanging on the Chandelier

Do you want your kitchen to look vintage? Chandeliers will cover that need.

Chandeliers have designs that resemble old lighting fixtures which will provide your kitchen a degree of class and elegance. They also blend perfectly if you have a wooden type of kitchen, complementing the wooden flooring and wood kitchen cabinets. But chandeliers are not limited to traditional kitchen setting. They can as well fit into contemporary kitchen designs.

Chandeliers come in a variety of styles and designs. Whatever kitchen setting you have, it might be excellent to hang a chandelier.

Get Elegant with Hanging Bulbs

For making a bold statement and catching everyone’s attention, lights that hang relatively low above eye level is a splendid addition to your kitchen. For modern kitchens, grouping a hanging bulb is in trend because of its uniqueness and attractive glare. You can add dimmers to your hanging bulbs if you want to build a kitchen that has ambiance. This combination will enable you to set the tone of the room while at the same time can also serve as a decor to your kitchen.

Light Underneath Cabinets

As the primary purpose of the kitchen is the preparation and cooking of food, under cabinet lighting should be among our kitchen improvement considerations. Cabinets attached to your kitchen walls often cause shadows over your worktops so having enough supplementary lighting is important to aid in chopping up veggies appropriately and safely.

Aside from safety purposes, under cabinet lights will all give your kitchen a chic style because they come in a variety of sizes and color of lights. For example, you can choose blue colored lights to mix a natural colored lighting above the countertops.

You can also decide to wire your lighting so that you can use both lights in conjunction with each other.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting

The buildup of dust and grease from cooking are usually the most persistent adversaries inside the kitchen. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install recessed spotlights which make excellent choices to light our hobs and ovens for us to see the dirt and be able to maintain cleanliness at all times.

Aside from that, recessed spotlights are also an excellent way to get an equal volume of light throughout the kitchen, and they are perfect to provide directional light into spaces that need it most.

Recessed lighting comes in a variety of styles. There are recessed lights in orbs, triangles, funnel shapes, and blocks. You can choose from them to suit what you want your kitchen to look. You can check sites like LampTwist for high-quality recessed lights.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

If you have breakfast bars or kitchen islands, you can hang pendant lights to add beauty to your kitchen.

Pendant lights are great focal points and can provide real style to your kitchen space. They come in modern, retro, and colorful designs. For your desired amount of light, you can adjust the height of the pendant light while at the same time getting enough of clearance for the people in the kitchen. For an optimum styling effect, you can place pendant lights individually, or you can group them.


Kitchen lighting is an important aspect of kitchen improvement. Aside from the practicality it brings, it also provides style and elegance to your kitchen. Therefore, you must have an idea in mind on how to achieve the perfect kitchen lighting.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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