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5 Reasons Why you should have a Water Tank at Home

Aside from solar panels, water tanks are a unanimous choice when it comes to thrift and resourcefulness. A lot of people don’t want water tanks near their homes because it’s bulky, odd-looking, and according to others, dangerous. However, most people reside to the adverse facts about water tanks because they don’t mostly know the benefits of having one.

In most areas that are hot or humid, water tanks play a crucial role in ensuring a stable water supply. Places close to the desert like Arizona and Nevada have a lot of homes that install or use water tanks. In some countries such as the Philippines who experience a lot of rainfall, also make use of water tanks as a backup for clean and potable drinking water.

More than just a Fail-Safe

Here are some more reasons why people prefer using water tanks.

Saving up for something more

As mentioned earlier, having a water tank saves you a ton of money by slowly cutting down your water bills. A big family can surprisingly have expensive water bills that will surely shock a lot of people when it comes to the monthly bills. A lot of wasted water comes from bad habits such as brushing your teeth while leaving the tap on, constant flushing and spending too much time in the shower.

Although it’s no reason for continuing such destructive practices, water tanks can at least provide a system where it can provide water without hurting your monthly pockets.

Rainwater as an Alternative

Countries that have a lot of rainwater every year make use of water tanks as a rain catcher of sorts. Although rainwater may not be safe to drink at all, it has some practical applications. Stormwater is an excellent alternative to use in cleaning specific parts of your home such as the garage, the pool, and other spaces.

Rainwater is also useful to use as flushing water and is also suitable for watering your plants in the garden. Keeping rain is an excellent way to reduce the pressure on stormwater systems which significantly reduce the chances of waterways from swelling up and causing floods.

Adds Value to your Property

More and more people are now conscious of current environmental issues and are starting to go greener regarding their everyday activities. Homes that have water tanks will surely sell high once its owners decide to sell them to real estate agents.

Water tanks can potentially attract buyers and signify to them that the previous owners are environmentally sound and green in their ways. Although most owners hide their water tanks because of its prominent look, those who look for homes like these, want water tanks visible, especially if they have intricate designs and colors.

The Cleanest Water

In its purest form, rainwater may harbor harmful organisms which can cause problems when ingested. However, when appropriately treated through heating and proper filtering, rain has the most refined and cleanest qualities that are beneficial to most people who drink such water. Water tanks can store up to 2000L, depending on capacity and design.

Some people often have doubts and fears about treated water which some claim have active chemicals in their processing. By using clean rainwater that they handle themselves, they alleviate that anxiety and continue drinking their water safely.

Failsafe Supply

“It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.” A saying by Howard Ruff demonstrates that people should always plan for the inevitable and unexpected. Consider this situation:

“If something bad would happen to your local water supply for at least a week, where would you find water? You could buy it from your local stores, but the chances are that the prices will skyrocket considering that there is a local disaster currently happening.”

This situation is where water tanks come into play. All those time spent collecting rainwater will finally get to see their purpose for at least a week. These fail-safes are often the typical scenario in places that have high chances of drought from happening.

Additional Information: Using your Water Tank effectively

Installing containers such as GStore Water Tanks as is an easy task for qualified installers. Make sure to be very specific in wanting to introduce additional features such as filters and diverters. Filters are the ones responsible for filtering water so they can be free of harmful particles. Water that goes through filters should always go through boiling to ensure that no harmful microorganisms in the water survive.

Diverters are tubes that can direct the flow of the stored rainwater to its intended use such as flushing water for your toilet. It can also route them directly to your stormwater system.


Water tanks may be bulky and horrendous to look at, but when times are dire, and water is running low, these failsafe containers are the answer to a person’s thirst and water needs. Nowadays, water tanks are known for their impact for a greener imprint.

Houses that have water tanks often sell more because having one is a means to have significant savings when it comes to water bills. Also, a water tank is a fail-safe should local supplies have difficulty providing water to its community. No matter the reason, having a water tank is very beneficial in the long run.