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A Bachelor’s Awesome Guide to Designing the Best Pad

For men, it is challenging to decorate a bachelor pad. Most of them think that it is hard and complicated. What most men don’t know, is that a bachelor pad must represent the person living in it. Though a bachelor pad should be out of the ordinary and minimalist, men can still incorporate their personal preferences on the designs.

Hobbies like sports and music, the preferred era of art, lifestyle, colors, and style must outline the owner’s personality. Things like a drum set, pool table or a big home cinema are some of the stuff that creates a room that has personality. Men can incorporate things that represent them as a person. Putting little things that they preferred can also contribute in making it their place.

Also, maintaining the neatness and tidiness of the apartment should be a man’s main priority. From their doorsteps to the color of their walls, they should put effort into making it a place that is warm and homey. Here are some few guides that can help a gentleman design his pad and make it the best.

Avoid Creating Cliched Ideas

When a bachelor doesn’t have a lot of money to splurge on things that will make his pad elegant and stylish, sticking to a fixed budget is a great solution. The most important step in designing a bachelor’s pad with a tight budget is to avoid incorporating any cliched ideas.

Using already used designs but at least half of the bachelor can soon result to redecoration. Yes, men may think that leather sofas aren’t so manly compared to furniture pieces that have a worn-in texture. However, there are still guy-friendly things that are unique and unexpected.

Determine a Color Palette

To create a clean and sleek design, choose a color palette. Having a color set can also make it easier for men to know the types of furniture and ornaments that they are going to purchase. Mostly, color palettes consist of the main color then two to three accent colors. Men can use the primary color as the paint on the walls and the colors of the furniture.

The ornaments, displays, and accessories can vary according to the accent color. It is better for men to choose colors that are light and neutral to make an illusion of a bigger space. It is also a great idea for men to pair light hues with some earth tones like deep blue and burnt orange. Using dark hue can make a bachelor pad look cozy and small.

Communicate the Style With Your Lifestyle

Keep in mind that the pad should also fit the things that the one living in it did. Interior designers would always ask their clients on the way they live. Designers make sure that they can cater the needs of their clients.

Once they know the lifestyle of their client, they can now start the layout and include all the things that they think can help the owner of the pad. A man’s pad should also reflect the thing that he loves to do so he can live comfortably in his place.

Don’t Forget To Show Some Personality

Single men should always remember that their place should speak about them. However, it doesn’t mean that they have to show everything at one glance. Displaying some collections and personal possession can create an ambiance of ownership. They can be modest in flaunting the things that describe their personality.

Choose some things that can function as decorations but will also show the owner’s passion in a subtle way. Let the guest think and say the obvious things. Men can pick some items that will highlight the things they love. Being subtle can give men a cool look without making it too loud. The interior design of a pad can be a great conversation if ever a guest comes to visit.

Determine all the Furniture that You Need

There are a lot of furniture that is available at low prices. It is best for a bachelor pad to have furniture that can have a multi-function feature. Something that they can use as a storage container. These storage space can be the perfect space for things that can create clutter in the entire design of the room.

It is a perfect idea for men to purchase a media center that they can display their television but at the same time hide the wires and other electronic devices. Give the old and worn furniture a new face by covering it with a sleep slip covers.

To add up some variety to the furniture, try incorporating throw pillows that have different colors and fabrics. Also, group them in odd numbers.

Here the important furniture that every bachelor pad should have:

Chairs and Stools

There is no limit on the chairs that men can use in their pad. There are a lot of chairs that has different looks and purposes. If there is a need for some portable usage, it would be a good idea if men purchase an occasional chair. They are the type of chairs that are easier to move around and lightweight. Owning a folding chair can be a perfect option if there is a need for portability.

Men should also consider the arms of the chairs. There are times that it is nice just to sit down and rest the arms after a long tiring day. Chairs that doesn’t have arms rests can be good for certain tasks like tying the shoes or working on a laptop. For men that prefer a chair with support, they can choose those that with arms.

Couch and Sofa

Before buying a couch or sofa, the first thing that men should do is to measure the area for the sofa. It is common sense that they plan and measure unless they want to buy a couch that doesn’t fit the floor of his pad.

In the living room, he can just make a mock up of the area and see how much space will it take up. They need to make sure that it will not only fit the living room but will also fit through the door in the entrance.

Coffee Table

For bachelor’s, coffee tables are more than just a thing to put any hot beverages. A lot of them thinks of it as an ottoman that they can kick their feet up, some of them think of it as the place where they can show off their collections.

However, the most common thing that coffee tables do for a bachelor is for dining. The style of the coffee table that men should buy depends on the use and influence it has on them.


Mainly, regardless of the gender, dressers and cabinets are functional pieces of furniture. They can hold lots of stuff that can make a bachelor’s pad neat and clean. There a lot of designs that men can choose, they don’t need to settle on boring dressers.
In choosing the type of dresser, men should primarily focus on the type of clothes that he owns and wears. Also, they need to determine the space that they need. Depending on the career, men can get a cabinet that can hold all his folded up gear.

However, if the job includes suits and ties, it is better to choose a dresser where he could hang up his clothes while looking fresh. If the pad has enough space for both kind of dresser, then the bachelor can have a free choice to own both pieces in his bedroom.

Bed Frames

A queen size bed is what bachelors should choose at least. However, if a queen sized bed is too big for the floor of the bedroom, try putting newspaper on the bare floor then map out the whole area that the mattress can cover. Then test it out if there is no discomfort in walking around.


For bachelor’s that is not sure about the size that they should buy, they can buy an inexpensive adjustable frame.


Most men are hesitant to design their pad because they think that it is hard. With few guides and help, men can independently create a place that will speak for them. A place that they can include all their hobbies and their personal preferences.

Also, this guide can also help men in deciding the design of their pad. Knowing the basic things can make a man’s life easy and comfortable. It can also be a fulfilling feeling if they’ll be able to achieve a pad that they designed personally. Men must always remember that their pad reflects the personal preferences.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

Amit Kumar

Amit is the founder of YoursNews. This is a next generation blog, proved that blogging is an art; focus on valuable ideas and genuine stories, rest everything will fall into place.

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