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How to Become An Extra Ordinary Graphic Designer

There are numbers of graphic designers in the industry. However, not all of them are considered extraordinary. The reason is the kind of coaching you get in the initial stages. This gives a foundation of the designing techniques and allows you to play with it. Hence, a strong coaching is a must to become a unique professional.

Thankfully, there are some of the  best graphic design course in india, offering amazing teaching to the budding graphic designers. With these courses, you not only get the knowledge about the tools but also learn to creatively use them. This is what gives a unique approach to your mind.

Adding to that, here are a few tricks you can add to your skills if you want to be perceived as an extraordinary designer.

Become An Extra Ordinary Graphic Designer

Evolve your colours

Colours are one of the major parts of any graphic design. You need to work on your color harmony techniques. However, it is about practicing. The more you practice, the better you become. From background image to the colour of the font, everything should complement each other.

evolve-your-coloursPut great focus on your images

The images require a three-step approach. One is to select the most suitable image. Second is the editing of the images. And third is to create a layout with all the images.

You should invest the proper time in all three steps of the process. Editing part of the image requires a great attention, as this is where you bring a new life to the images. You will require both, the advanced tools and your own creative approach. While tools can be found easily, the creativity depends on your skills and experience.


Once editing is over, you can create layouts. Now, this can be done with different tools offering quick results.

Use shapes instead of texts

It is a well-known fact that people like to see shapes and images, rather than reading a text. You can use this to your advantage. Try to send the message through different signs, icons, and shapes. Also, make sure that those shapes are not boring. You can add different elements in order to make them interesting. This will let you send more information in a unique manner.

Use shapes instead of texts
The logo should be focused towards the brand

While designing a logo for a brand, you need to keep the product or the services in mind. It is the logo that becomes the identity of a brand. Hence, it is important that the logo tells the whole story about the brand. Don’t confuse the audience with too many elements. The colours, image, font and even the layout can be used in unique manners. There are plenty of examples, where brands have created a great impact with their logos. So, make sure you are delivering what is required.


Finally, it can be summed up to one thing that it is the technique and the creative approach, which makes the difference. Both the qualities can be learned through a renowned course.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat