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How to design OMR Sheets using the OMR Software?

With the advancement of science and technology, the OMR industry too has experienced a major enhancement of the provided features. The traditionally developed OMR software was just used to read the OMR sheets that would be contributing to the effective checking and calculation of final scorecards. The user can conduct exams on a specific pattern of OMR sheets only.

Now, with the modification to the OMR software the user can easily design a vivid range of OMR sheets. OMR sheet scanning software is developed to provide an easy to use and learn interface that makes the designing a fluent process. The traditional OMR sheet offers 4 tentative choices against a question.

OMR Software?

However, with the use of new and advanced software, you can define more or less bubbles against a particular question. The user can also adjust the alignment, position, and count of the number of questions in accordance with the requirements.

A handful of the sheet scanning software also facilitates the insertion of bar codes and logos. Bar codes help in easy identification and transparent evaluation of the sheets. The user can add barcodes of type 1D, 2D along with the insertion of printed text (OCR) on your OMR form. Whereas can also incorporate logo for branding purposes.

Special inbuilt designing tools help in printing the bubbled sheet using a normal printer and page. The designing feature brings its increased adaptabilityin the sectors of education, recruitment, corporate, etc. This software can design n number of sheets possessing n number of different arrangements.

Using the designing feature the coaching institutes can easily design OMR sheets matching the pattern of a particular competitiveexamination, for example, an engineering coaching center can design sheets used in IIT, AIEEE, VIT, BITS, etc. Similarly, a recruitment agency working in IT recruitment can easily print the type of OMR sheets used by the key IT players. This helps is a structured preparation and gaining confidence for the final event.

These examples make it very clear that a precise investment of an OMR software can provide long-term benefits along with its primary features to check and read the bubbled responses.

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