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Fun and Easy – Three Friendly Apps For Kids To Learn Programming

Computer programming helps children develop essential critical-thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. It also motivates kids to become designers and not just mere users of technology.

From coaching everything from basic commands to complex programs, our preferred coding applications and websites come in a variety of formats structured for different ages and skills.

For even more popular selections to stimulate the interest of your kid in coding, make sure to check these favored devices that cover STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects.

Why Does It Matter?

Just as mature and young minds vary in retention, so do learning techniques too. Coding applications present ample opportunities to coach kids programming.

It is a fun environment, so if you do not have the time and resources of sending your kid to a coding boot camp, check out these three basic and fun coding applications you can download for your children to learn to program.

Kodable (Free/Paid, Web/iOS)

Kodable’s catchphrase indicates “programming for kids, made with love.” Its introductory lessons target kids from kindergarten to fifth graders. As the K-3 educational program is mainly foundational, fourth and fifth-grade learning moves to a more focused topic sets.

Kodable heeds to standards of programming which teach JavaScript. Since JavaScript is an excellent language for beginners, the essentials Kodable promotes superior programming abilities.

Also, advancement through lessons remains fun and amusing. Games come as a set of challenges like maneuvering a maze. But Kodable does not keep the programming ideas too easy. Instead, Kodable even includes actions involving branching and looping.

By large, Kodable shows ‘if/then’ options to present the concept of programming initially. Kodable makes learning about JavaScript entertaining by applying common elements of games such as point scoring, rules of play, and competition with others which is an online marketing strategy to encourage engagement with a service or product.

Daisy the Dinosaur (Free, iOS)

Dinosaurs are fearsome and formidable at the same time. Some of the kids’ favorite nuggets were the ones in a dinosaur figure, which is why adding dinosaurs is a program of brilliance. Daisy the Dinosaur, is one of the most exceptional coding applications for children.

Mini-games coach kids the basics of programming. For example, a loop-de-loop challenge encourages children to utilize word commands to make Daisy execute different moves. However, there is a catch for you are only limited to using the spin command just once. A clue suggests settling the spin command inside the repeat five command.

Daisy, the Dinosaur, is not only one of the best CodeCamp apps for children to discover programming because the game involves a dinosaur. Although the dinosaur figure helps, the game is big on the impressive focal point of coding along with its tests.

Daisy, the Dinosaur, does not seem to be technology-oriented for it is a game more on to word and puzzle solving. While Daisy the Dinosaur seem to be a bit short, it is free to play and inherently useful.

Minecraft (Paid)

Minecraft is a top-rated game. Its sandbox style makes it remarkably versatile. While the game is not intended for kids, Minecraft and it’s all-ages essence prominently suggest a safe atmosphere for programming.

Lifehacker even highlights a parent’s guide to playing Minecraft with children. A few mods mainly aim children like the LearnToMod mod gives priority to the interests of kids.

On the other hand, Minecraft is not initially set up for younger viewers. Adults may require executing a bit of primary set up. But at the moment created, LearnToMod presents a group of programming know-how that is easy to learn.

There is also a prosperous community online. As nearly all of these applications go, Minecraft is a little bit expensive. Still, it holds many assurances with its tutorials which promotes real-world programming abilities.


Regardless of the age, coding is for everyone to learn. With the help of these entertaining games, your kids will learn to program in an entertaining way possible because these games are basic, child-friendly, engaging, and fun at the same time.