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China has the highest population in the world and it attracts many companies from different industries because of its largest user base, and with the growth of the mobile phone technology and data connectivity the people in the country spend most of their time online. With the introduction of the mobile applications, the users are spending more time on the mobile apps rather than the desktop web pages.

Innovation wave of China

With the increase in the usage of mobile phones, the Chinese users are spending eighty five percent of their time on the internet. A data report shows that by the end of 2016, the numbers of mobile phone users have increased to 1.06 billion mobile phones and they are migrating to new media channels. It also shows that 50% of the users are using the internet TV, 65% of them are using the video apps and websites and 50% of the users use the news apps.

Merits of the mobile apps

• The mobile apps are cost effective when compared to the other messaging services like the emails and standard SMS texts, and these apps are protected by high end security techniques that send the messages safely to the intended recipient within few seconds. Because of these applications, the workload is reduced.

• It enhances the business by improving the visibility in the marketplace. Since the customers always carry the mobile phones, the apps are more accessible and have a high business presence than the mobile sites. It builds the loyalty among the business owners and the customers.

• The time consumed in accessing the mobile app is lesser when compared to the websites because the user must launch the browser and enter the URL for the website to load, but the applications once installed in the mobile phone is easy to access even offline.

• The users are also attracted to the mobile apps because it connects them with the business instantly and finds it to be a secure platform when compared to the sites. The companies are using the mobile apps to readily connect with the customers and increase the affability.

Online shopping

The blooming of the mobile apps have dwindled the mobile sites and the percentage of users using the apps keep increasing every year. A Google report shows that the Chinese users are spending more than an hour of the online shopping and out of which seventy five percent of the users make use of their mobile device when compared to the users from other Asian countries.

The organizations and companies are utilizing the technical advancement into their business and have introduced mobile apps to promote their online presence and many people are using these apps to do shopping. The users have said that they are comfortable in using the mobile apps because of the effortless process and the deals and discounts offered by the merchants.

One of the main reasons for the users to opt for the mobile apps over the sites is because they think that the mobile websites are vulnerable to the malicious attacks that can destroy or hack the personal details of the users. A survey report on the online shopping states that thirty seven percent of the online shoppers block the promotional and notification messages from the retailers, while seventy two of mobile shoppers accept such notifications from the mobile apps.

Travels and bookings

When planning a vacation with family and friends most of the people in China prefer to use the mobile apps because of various reasons, and one such reason is because of the language. Since most of the Chinese are fluent in English, they prefer to seek the assistance of the mobile apps to plan their vacation- from flight tickets to hotel booking to the car rentals the mobile apps are having a major impact on the travel planning.
Apart from helping in planning for a trip, the app also gives the users some tip and advice on the vacation spot, like the famous tourist spots, must try restaurants and other related information. Most of the Chinese users download the travel app to plan their vacation and it is easy for the travel agencies to keep in touch with the customers. Also, people need not wait for hours at the travel agencies to get the information; instead they can simply download the app and start with their holiday plan.

And the business professional those who often travel overseas on business can also use these travel apps to schedule the complete business trip without haste. The travel apps are attributed with many other features like the weather forecast reports, GPS and mapping features.

Utility apps

Apart from the pre installed apps, there are many other utility apps available in the market that is useful for the day to day activities. Not all mobile phones come with a flashlight or to-do list, so these utility apps enhance the versatility of the smartphones. The utility apps range from simple to enigmatic, helping the users to utilize more from their device.

The Chinese download many security applications that protect the browser information and the device security. The other popular utility app among the users is the app that clears the junk files from the device and restores the memory space and apps that optimize the performance of the phone. Other apps like the weather forecast apps, translation and language apps and measurement apps that are used for various purposes.

Messaging apps

The messaging apps are the most common apps used across the globe and there are many tech companies that offer this service to the users. The Chinese have their native instant messaging app that is also used by the non Chinese users. The instant messaging service is far more accessible and efficient when compared to the standard text messaging services. The users can not only send text messages, but they can even send documents, images gif messages, videos.

The Chinese users have more than two messaging apps on their mobile phones because of the facilities offered by the service. They can also form private groups and the number of member present in the group varies accordingly. This platform is not only used by the teenagers or young adults, but also by the business professional to discuss the official matters. Some of the messaging apps even allow the users to transfer a minimum amount of money and also encourage the users to have a personalized online marketing business. The users can also make donations and get personal loans on this platform.

Entertainment apps

The entertainment apps include the photo editor apps, music apps, video apps and other apps related to the entertainment industry. Chinese users are mostly interested in the Photoshop and movie apps, while some are interested in the music apps.

Most of the young users use the photo editor apps to alter and correct their images and photos so that they can upload the pictures on the social media websites. These apps come with a range of options from changing the background to enhancing the face shape. Similarly, the video apps are also common among the young Chinese users. They can take a short video clip and use the editing tools provided in the application to add effects and music to the video clips.

Many teenage mobile users download the experimental apps that allow them to create new animated figures by selecting the facial features, backgrounds, hair colors, hats, glasses and etc and can share these fun characters in the social media networks.


The use of mobile phones in the Chinese market keeps increasing over the years and the businesses and companies are trying to attract the large user base by releasing new application software that is easily accessible for the users. The Internet Network Information Center of China released a report in which it states that the increase in the mobile apps has reduced utilization of the desktop search and mobile websites on the whole.
The data report shows that the millions of desktop search users have decreased for the past few years and has downgraded the utilization rate.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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