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COVID 19 – Boon Or A Curse

Covid-19 has shaken the whole world and brought it to its knees. All the sectors of the economy, people and their lifestyles have been deeply impacted. Businesses are shut or at the verge of closure, schools and colleges shut down, travel and hotel industry has been suffering and so is the retail and fashion industry. Though these are the testing times of the whole human race but there had been unforeseen and remarkable changes in the lifestyle of our society.

Let us see the positive changes it has brought in our lifestyle. Covid-19 has provided a remarkable shift towards online learning as schools and other universities have been shut down. We are looking at the more educated and skilled society in the coming times as people have been utilising their idle time in learning new skills and gaining knowledge through online platforms.

Moreover, we have become more hygiene conscious. People have started taking care of their personal hygiene seriously. We, Indians, have been extremely careless about plenty of factors, which we are now giving due consideration to. The ritual of sanitization, frequent washing of hands is developing as a habit which is proving to be a blessing in disguise. The sale of health and hygiene brands have seen an upscaling and massive campaigns have been launched by the Indian government to spread awareness among our society about the importance and necessity of personal hygiene. Apart from individual health and hygiene, the requisites to be followed after the lifting of this lockdown involves keeping in mind the sanitization of malls and markets as well. Now public spitting, which was earlier not given much consideration, is prohibited and liable to be fined.

The culture of work from home has seen a remarkable boost during these times of threat of coronavirus and the resultant lockdown phase. Many IT companies have taken this practice seriously and effectively. Lockdown and the fear of contacting this pandemic has forced the society to remain mostly indoors which has remarkably improved the quality of air and other environmental factors which were engulfing our globe.

This pandemic has changed our eating habits in a remarkably positive way. Now we are forced to eat home cooked food instead of eating outside. This healthy practice will soon become a lifestyle rather than a compulsion forced upon us in the wake of this pandemic. The craze around healthy eating habits has been on a rise and Covid-19 has fuelled it further. Now people have been eating right to boost their immunity to fight this viral infection.

As the Wuhan ‘wet market’ has been considered a probable origin of this virus, there has been a decreased demand of exotic meat in the society. People are more inclined now towards eating easily available local foods which would further aid the economy of India to be self-reliant.

There has been an exceptional effect of this pandemic on the buying psychology of the consumers too. Now we have changed the face of our retail therapy and have started giving more consideration towards only buying the articles of necessity. We are witnessing negligible splurging of money on undue purchases and impulsive buying among most of the sections in our economy.

Though this pandemic has adversely affected the life of every individual, still we can hope that when this pandemic is under control, we can witness a complete change in the lifestyle of people in our country. Somehow, this pandemic may prove as a blessing in disguise in the Covid-19 free times to come.