Sending a Birthday Cake in Bengaluru


Nobody knows how it started, but cakes have been a symbol of birthdays since as long as anyone could remember. Why? Because they are about the most delicious way to tell someone that “We love you and wish you a happy birthday”. There is no easy way to zero in upon the best cake flavor- there are simply too many of them, each being equally delicious. But we tried, and here are some of the flavors you could try for your loved ones:

1) For Die-Hard Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is pure bliss; you don’t need us to tell you that. The beautiful thing about chocolate is, it is a dessert on its own. You can eat it alone, or combine it with anything to create a masterpiece. The best flavors you could find are Chocolate Mud Cake, Espresso Mud Cake, Moist Chocolate Truffle with Chocolate Mousse filling, Ferrero Rocher and Salted Caramel – Espresso.

2)For the Cheese Cake lovers

Cheese cake is the latest addiction for all those dessert-lovers out there. If you ask us, this addiction is totally justified. Who wouldn’t love the soft, creamy layers of cheese eggs, one after another? Not us. There are a lot of varieties of cheese  send birthday cakes to Bangalore  to keep your taste buds occupied, some of them being red velvet cake, strawberry gourmet, caramelized banana, rainbow cake and Oreo gourmet.

3)For the Fruity spree

When health meets taste, you get a fruit-filled dessert. The best thing about fruit cakes is that there are so many fruits; hence you get endless variety and combinations. You can gave the evergreen Banana Cake, the festive Carrot Cake, the crunchy Rum and Raisin cake, the peaky Lemon Cake , or the traditional Strawberry cake, Pineapple cake and Blueberry cake. Once you know the favorite fruit of your loved ones, the rest of the task is just a, well, piece of cake.

4)For those who like it different

The one you want to surprise may be bored of all the traditional flavors and in pursuit of something new. Ganache can serve as an excellent surprise for them. It is a delicious, mix of chocolate dark, milk or white and pure cream. Liqueur can be added to make this even more sinful. Apart from it, you can try the Italian buttercream. It is a velvety butter base mix with meringue. This works perfectly with light flavors such as lemon, vanilla, orange or a light chocolate.

5)Fusion always works

Maybe your loved one is one of the flamboyant types and can enjoy everything without worrying about diabetes. For such people, fusion is an excellent option. You can send cakes to bangalore create a list of all the flavors your dear one likes, and the baker will do the rest of the magic. Trust us, it will work and you can thank us later.

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