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Before you begin to read this article, we know that you must already have a box or drawer full of earrings. And if you are still looking for more designs and styles, this article will help you in understanding how to pick the perfect pair of women’s earrings for your outfit.

Today, you will come across a plethora of designs in women’s earrings. Having one in each design will let you try out different styles. From formal wear to traditional wear, you will be overwhelmed with choices. A perfect pair of earrings is sure to enhance your attire and make you feel beautiful and confident from within.

Types of women’s earring & how to accessorise them stylishly 


Hoop earrings are stylish and edgy. They go with both formal and casual attire. And they come in a lot of creative designs. From round hoops to geometrically cut hoops, from plain hoops to heavily embellished hoops, you can have it all.

Hoop Earrings for Girl

If you want a pair of hoops for a formal evening, you need to get a small or medium-sized plain round hoop. You can also get small hoop earrings with stone embellishments. For a casual day out, you can experiment with different creative designs. Some of the latest ones are double dagger hoop earrings and square hoop earrings.   


Simple yet impactful, stud earrings are another must-have pieces of accessory. They too come in varied designs for you to explore. Pick a few pairs in different designs and experiment. Create your statement with stud style earrings. This earrings style goes perfectly with any attire if you know how to pick the right design.

snowflake stud earrings

Butterfly, wings, snowflake, blooming rose studs are few of the designs that you must try out. No matter what outfit you wear, these creative studs will do all the talking for you. So, if you want to keep it simple, do it in an impactful way!


Feel them sway with your rhythm! Dangler earrings are stylish and also creative. They come in wide designs, from simple figurative designs to finely detailed danglers like the dreamcatcher earrings. Since these earrings are highly visible when you wear them, you need to know which to wear with your outfit.

Picking the right pair or danglers will also enhance the look of your outfit. If you are looking for a pair to wear on a formal occasion, you need to pick designs such as double heart long chain dangler, triple drop chain dangler, lotus bud dangler and more. For it is a friendly evening with friends, you can pick designs like angel dangers, magic genie lamp danglers, Disney Mickey Loves Minnie dangles, etc. You can own danglers in different designs for a different occasion, and let your ears grab all the attention.

lotus blossom jaali earrings


Add a bit of Indian touch with a pair of beautiful Bali earrings. They are elegant, stylish and sophisticated pieces of accessories. Though these earrings can be paired with different attires, yet they look mostly gorgeous when worn with traditional outfits like kurtas, sarees, lehengas, etc. So, next time you go to a family function or for a wedding function with your gorgeous traditional outfit on, top it up by accessorizing with a gorgeous pair of balis.

Women earrings – where too many are always ok!

You may keep browsing the internet for that perfect pair or earrings forever. But, if you know the kind of earrings that you are looking for, the search would be rather easy. Know your style and pick one that grabs your attention. Just remember one thing – how you carry your accessory is what matters. Do not fear to explore different styles!

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat

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