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Syrian Kurdish City Faces Fresh Spate Of Violence

A huge bombing incident took place in Kurdish-controlled city of Qamishli in north-eastern part of Syria. In this incident forty-four people were killed. All this has been revealed by Syrian state TV.

Truck bomb was used for the blast. This truck was struck near Kurdish security headquarters, as per reports of UK-based monitoring group. The Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility behind this attack, in the Hassakeh province, which is located near Turkey border.

IS has beforehand conducted bombings against the Kurds in this area.

This Kurdish-dominated militia, i.e. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is bolstered by air strikes from US-led coalition. It is carrying out fight against Islamic State in northern Syria.

IS stated that Wednesday’s attack was a response to air strikes which were done on IS-held Manbij city located in north-western Syria.  SDF is regarded as IS’s enemy.

State TV showed pictures of aftermath of this bombing incident. There has been destruction of large area and clouds of smoke have been seen rising in the air.

An eyewitness revealed that people were trapped under the debris. The death toll is expected to rise. Approximately more than 100 people have known to be wounded so far.