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Eating was never a serious issue until now when most of the people started visiting the dentists and asking for treatments. Earlier, people used to be ignorant and show no care towards what they are eating and what not. But now, people are well-aware of the benefits of good oral hygiene and dental health. They have started keeping an eye on what they eat and whether it will harm their pearly whites or not!

To save your mouth from unnecessary tooth decaying or tooth loss, people have started brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day. Visiting the dentist in every 6 months or sooner has become their routine.

Regardless of all that, even today, many of you are not able to take proper care of your whites. You eat whatever you feel like at any time of the day.

Well, to keep you aware, here are top six food items which are enemies of your teeth:

Hard Sugary Candies

Since childhood, you have been eating candies irrespective of what they do to our teeth and appearance in the long run. Candies don’t seem harmful, eat too many and there you are sitting with your dentist with cavities and too decaying problems. Constant exposure of sugar to your teeth can be extremely harmful. A better alternative of hard candies can be a sugarless gum with ADA seal on it!

Time to Watch Your Intake of Citrus

It is the time to tell truth i.e. citrus foods were never friends to your teeth. Recurrent exposures of citrus or acidic foods can lead to eroding of the enamel, making teeth more vulnerable to decaying as time passes. You may like a squeeze of lemon in a glass of water, especially in summers but next time, do remember how much harm it can do. One way to dilute its effect is to drink plenty of water afterwards.

Coffee is Not a Friend Either

No doubt, most of the population is a fan of coffee or tea. They are meant as healthy beverages, if in natural form. Alas, many people can’t intake these without adding sugar which can harm their teeth. Also, caffeinated coffee and tea can be responsible for drying out the mouth. Excessive intake of coffee can lead to stained teeth. Drinking lots of water and adding in minimum amount can be beneficial.

Mouth’s Worst Nightmare: Sticky Foods

If people are asked to pick healthy snacks, dry fruits would definitely be on the list. But, here’s the catch! Some of the dry fruits are sticky that remain between your teeth for a longer time as compared to others. Always remember to rinse, brush and floss carefully after you eat sticky foods.

Say No to Foods That Say “Crunch”

Who doesn’t love to have crispy, crunchy bite of a potato chip? Unfortunately, chips like these are not good for your teeth as they are filled with starch which gets trapped in your teeth. If you want to intake chips even after knowing this, take extra care of your mouth by flossing carefully to remove particles from your teeth.

Intake of Bread is Not Beneficial

Bread is everybody’s daily breakfast, at least for most of the people. It consists of refined carbohydrates, starch which breaks down to sugar when combined with saliva. As it becomes a sticky substance, it can stick between your teeth. Instead of consuming white bread, opt for wheat bread.

Taking utmost care of your teeth will not only help you in social but also in personal life. Keep an eye on what you eating. For further advice, take help of the best dentist in Chandigarh, and ask for the detailed list of food items that are friends to your teeth.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat