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The Perfect Companion for Travelers: 5 Best Travel Watches for the Holidays

Best Watches

For travelers, time is an inevitable share of the journey. When traveling, you’re always at the mercy of schedules. From planes and buses to tours and opening times, all step in to keep us on our toes.

If you’ve ever missed the day’s only bus or an international flight, you’ll know the feeling of letting time slip through your fingers. Luckily, that situation doesn’t need to be out of control.

While any timepiece can escort you on a trip, there are specific kinds that are particularly fit to travel.

What to Look for in Travel Watches?

If you’re curious about what characteristics to look for in a perfect travel watch, well, there are many. It’s up to you to pick which feels most suitable.

Some watches work because of their knack to look good in any social situations. Others function because they have robust functionality but won’t draw a lot of attention — a good thing if when your journey is through uncertain locations. Then there are some with features that make them specifically ideal for skipping through time zones and dashing through airports.

Above all, the target should be to catch a watch that works for your travel essentials and taste. There are watches that, for less concrete reasons, create worthwhile travel buddies.

Best Watches for your Adventure

Even with all the travel equipment you bring around, none can assist more than a simple travel watch. Take back your time with one of these best travel watches you’ll want on your next stop.

The genuine mark of any timepiece is its lasting reputation. Along with these five travel watches, the Omega Speedmaster Black Dial Men’s Watch also offers a sporty sophistication and timeless quality.

Cashio G-Shock Gravity Master Hybrid GPS GPW-1000

For serious adventurers, it’s tough to look for a better travel watch than this one.

The technology in this Casio GPW-1000 is one-of-a-kind. Whenever you change destinations, it coordinates your time and date settings according to the place. The hybrid system guarantees that the displayed time is always precise.

Since the water resistance is rated up to 200 meters, activities like snorkeling and swimming are not a problem. Alongside, the advanced technology in this GPW-1000 is secured by Casio’s legendary G-Shock body.

Garmin Fenix Chronos

If you always want to have fun, this watch is for you. Whether you’re paddleboarding or hitting the slopes, Garmin’s Fenix Chronos will measure particular physical activities.

If you’re a devoted hiker, this travel watch assists you to navigate past the compressed path with ABC and GPS sensor abilities. Plus, with its TracBack feature, this Fenix Chronos can help you in finding your starting point the same way you came.

Luminox RECON Nav SPC-8832.MI

To desire anything for too expensive would be a massive ask. With this Luminox, you can get an alarm function, a 24-hour bezel, and a tachymeter scale in miles.

You can also benefit other features that are essential for your travel such as a GMT function, a countdown quadrant, 200m of water resistance, and a black rubber strap with raised scale and compass.

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch

Because the watches are both functional and stylish, Fossil’s hybrid smartwatch series serves excellent for business travelers. Having a built-in fitness tracker as its primary purpose, this travel watch can also connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. You can receive notifications for emails, text messages, calendar alerts, and app alerts while reading multiple time zones.

With this handy watch, you can track your sleep, take a photo, and control your music if you’re not in the mood. Along with its functionality, you’ll also love the diverse style options available.

Bulova Precisionist 98B257

Bulova has been creating watches for so long. As one of the best travel watches,  it would be a crime to leave them out of the running. With their famous Marine Star 98C112, the Bulova Precisionist 98B257 bounces in as one of the company’s next best presents for wanderers.

The Bulova Precisionist 98B257 exhibits a sporty façade. The high-frequency quartz that vibrates at a shocking 262 kHz keeps it real to its reputation with astounding precise timing accuracy.


A watch is a timeless journey essential for every wanderer. From checking the time having your boarding pass on your wrist, watches and smartwatches keep your mission on track.

These five fantastic buddies are not just for an accessory. They are watches that make excellent travel companions, and they have stood the test of time. Pick yours and go on with your adventure!