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From different cosmetic procedures, people have seen a fair share of celebrity transformations. Most celebrities often chose to remain in denial about being asked on surgical and nonsurgical treatments leaving their fans the question, “did they or didn’t they?” Paparazzi and media outlets often have a blast when covering news about a star’s procedures.

For years, stars have seen Botox as the only solution to stubborn facial wrinkles and lines that are reinforced by their natural expressions. Botox cosmetic treatments restore their youthful, smooth skin as well as smoothing the deep worry lines on their foreheads and wrinkles along on their eyes.

For them to stay in the limelight,  celebrities are engaging in treatments such as injections to have easy access in achieving a younger look. After all, they are also regular people with insecurities just like everyone. That being said, check out these celebrities who have openly admitted going under the knife or needle procedures.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford looks stunning and amazing even in her fifties. Genetics aren’t the only things that makes her enjoy the younger side of life. Skincare, exercise, and nutrition are essential to Cindy as it gradually helps in getting a smooth and youthful look.

According to her, to regain elasticity, she opts in getting Vitamin and Botox injections as well as collagen. She also added that when it comes to the status of her physical appearance, Cindy is brave enough to admit that she owes it to her dermatologist.

Kim Kardashian West

Despite all the issues she has been involved, one thing is for sure – Kim Kardashian is one of the most influential public figures of our time. Kim, as well as her family members, are not shy to admitting that they use Botox treatments to increase the quality of their looks. Surprisingly, Kim is open about getting Botox injections. She even let a cameraman film her while getting injections while filming their reality show.

Christie Brinkley

When it comes to the topic to remaining youthful, Christie Brinkley is one of the known people who indulge in cosmetic treatments. The former model has confessed to getting laser treatments and Botox cosmetics, and fillers which has a miraculous outcome according to her. 

Nowadays, most of the women, as well as celebrities or even young women without wrinkles, get treatments.  Women are ingesting in doing Botox cosmetic treatments in Vancouver and other clinics to stretch their faces and to fight the visible sign of aging.

Vanessa Williams

In the showbiz industry, there is no doubt that Vanessa Williams is one of the alluring and attractive women in the field of showbiz. Although she prefers more in having a natural look, Vanessa is not ashamed in telling people that she undergo in Botox treatments to assist her in attaining the look that she wanted. Vanessa uses Botox treatments every day to achieve a natural look.

Robin Wright

Being an actress in the entertainment industry, a lot of celebrities need to manifest emotions and expressions in order to get to their parts and roles. By that, the expressions and facial movements cause wrinkles to appear above their nose and crow’s feet which are tiny wrinkles around the eye.

For Robin Wright however, the conditions are just minor problems for her. Robin is one of the honest celebrities who are refreshingly open about doing Botox. Robin Wright’s youthful glow is the outcome of getting sprinkles of Botox twice a year.

Linda Evangelista

Tons of celebrities or even models have plenty of anti-aging secrets. One of them is Linda Evangelista, an accomplished model who proudly reveals her secrets to staying young and healthy. It is not common that supermodels are also a guru of natural aging. Linda is also the first public personality to ever admit about doing Botox.

When her mom found out that she had done work on her face, her mother was disheartened by the news. Linda then tells her mom that everyone does it and they tend to keep it a secret. In addition, Linda has also created her own wrinkle-reducing formula called Erasa XEP-30 which is similar to the function of Botox cosmetic treatment.


Botox and other similar treatments are the most common nonoperative cosmetic procedure in the world. Most people, even celebrities use Botox primarily for the wrinkle above their nose, in between the eyebrows, or outer portion of the eye which are called crow’s feet.  With those conditions, no wonder women see Botox as a definite solution to the problem.

Reena Rawat
Author: Reena Rawat