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Let’s talk about gaming for once there are 3 generation of gamers in my opinion First the ones who played Half – Life or Mario, then game those who played games like Counter – Strike, GTA, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty (especially Modern Warfare Trilogy) or even Medal of Honor Max Payne, etc. Then come the third and current generation of Mobile gamers who talk on Discord Voice channels and play CoD Mobile, PUBG, FreeFire, or Clash of Clans.

Everything we like or do is just another extension to our desired perfect personality. -Unknown

So, what has changed for gaming as an Industry today. Well several factors have bought this change in momentum.

  1. YouTube Streaming:

Sine data rates have seen an exponential downfall just like the Indian GDP or in the popularity of Rhea Chakraborty for that matter. One of the biggest data revolutions was led by Jio that lead to the rise of data consumption to the level of 2 GB a day that too this was a phenomenon with at least 150M people and now up to almost 800M people. In fact, people are also consuming data through Twitch, with many users earning a living through the platform whereby they buy Twitch followers and are paid to market gaming products to them.

  • Fall of Popular Game Franchises:

Ever since EA (Electronic Arts) started the concept of DLC (Downloadable Content) in games which actually means that even if you part a movie on Blu-ray certain scenes of the movie will have to be bought separately and the rates of these DLC’s for 2012 game like Mass Effect 3 was around $50. Also, games like Halo, FIFA haven’t good reviews to their latest iterations. Even one of the highest rated game series like Half – Life did not announce a game for a very long time (very here is 13 years) I hope Halo: Infinite would be good just a halo Fan myself.

  • Meme Culture

The meme culture has led to the popularity of one game in particular which PUBG and even terminologies like Noob(someone who is new and doesn’t play well), or OP (Overpowered) but the problem is not that PUBG is a pretty damn awesome game. Two games like CoD Mobile and Garena Free Fire are almost quite similar yet Free Fire has been labelled as stupid and CoD has been overshadowed.

What really changed the gaming industry is the rise of professional gaming to the mainstream. I know it existed before as well but today Professional E-Sports are easier than everaccess with live stream games being shown for hours at a stretch. The rank system in a game allows to make a clear team selection.

Everything was smooth sailing but them came a tragedy of sorts. PUBG the game patronized by the meme culture being a CHINESE game was banned in India and the world is following the same as well.

I know of a gamer Madhav Banerjee (name changed) who had around a good 20% growth of subscribers on a 2-month-old YouTube channel who had a professional team and even a manager achieving all this at the age of 19 is quite awesome considering he is a CS Engineering student. You might be thinking what is his point and what is this guy trying to say.

What I’m trying to say in this article to all of you my dear readers is that Gaming is a new frontier in jobs and that it is going to only get more and more better with time because now the landscape is changing faster than ever. VR Games have taken the lead and soon remote simulation games will also be here.

And as quantum computing is coming so the complexity of a game will also go on to exponentially difficult. We have changed our technology so why is our thinking still so oblivious of the fact that Gaming is here to stay.

Because gaming is not an industry it’s a synapse to reality which has captured our imaginations for decades.

Games like Prince of Persia, Angry Birds have given rise to movies and Halo is about to get it’s own TV Series. Btw when is Captain Shephard of The Normandy is going to have a Live action adaptation I wonder.

Amit Kumar
Author: Amit Kumar

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