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Desi Trends of India Inspired Jewellery Makes You a Stunner

From ornate to simple, from traditional to contemporary, Indian jewellery and craftsmanship never fail to leave us awestruck.  India is indeed a colourful and vibrant mosaic of jewellery traditions – across the states you will simply be stunned to see the marvellous designs of jewellery showcased in the shops of the goldsmiths. All these go on to inspire the modern day jewellery designers and manufacturers to design their imaginative best.

Jewellery has been women’s favoured possessions from ages – this tradition continues just with changes in designs and stylistic preferences. Heavy has given way to sleek, the former being restricted to Indian bridal jewellery nowadays.

In tune with the latest preferences, jewellery manufacturers in current days are setting new fusion trends and creating the most contemporary India inspired jewellery pieces. Check out some women’s jewelry or men’s jewelry options available online.

Wear to Inspire a Desi Trend in Jewel Fashion

You can be a trendsetter and can inspire a desi style with India inspired jewellery. You can get access to some of the latest jewellery designs on the online portal of contemporary jewellery.

Exquisite India inspired jewellery is all about celebrating the rich cultural and religious diversities of India. They are unique representations of Indian culture which values strong familial bonds and friendship. The moment you wear a pendant, bracelet, or an earring you enjoy the ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ kind of feel.

Beautiful collection of Indian Masala Charms Jewellery

Unique flavour of India – that’s what is the highlight of every design available at the online counter of a modern day jewellery maker, Fourseven.

Amongst the beautiful collection in the category of Indian Masala Charms feature beautiful pendants ideal for gifting to your mom like Motherhood Charm pendant in daisy flower design and Maa-Mom Charm pendants.

There are many other beautifully designed jewels like Rangoli-Diya Charm and Light Up My World Diya Charm which can instantly sparkle up anyone’s face with a delightful smile.

The love for religious-oriented jewellery has made the manufactures to create interesting auspicious Jewellery depicting gods and goddesses’ motifs. Some of the hot favourites among the Fourseven buyers are Rangoli-Ganesha Charm, Lakshmi and Ganesh Ji Dangler earrings, Wrap Around Moli bracelet with Ganesha Pendant, Simplicity Rudraksh Bracelet with Shri Yantra Charm and Gold Plated Silver Swasti Charm. The purchasers also love Damru charm and Kalash charm.

National motifs and symbols on jewellery give the feel of a proud Indian when you wear ones like Jai Hind India Brooch or cufflinks. Sudarshan Chakra Brooch and Ashok Chakra Charm can also be among your prized possessions. You can also opt for Charkha charm inspired by Gandhian philosophy or opt for national flower Lotus Charm Necklace and Black Spinel Lotus Charm Bracelet.  You can sport a fascinating and patriotic look with I Love My India Bead Charm Bracelet.

If you want to wear a contemporary look, the best buy would be Indian Masala Charm Bracelet which features Om charm, auto rickshaw charm, chai cutting charm, dabbahwallah charm and aamcha vada pav charm. Isn’t it interesting?

Wear to impress, inspire and tell your story!