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How to Increase Instagram Followers?

It’s Not easy to increase Followers on Instagram. Have you ever wondered why some accounts have thousands and MILLIONS of followers, while others are left out in the dust and only have a small handful? Because they don’t know how to increase followers. So How to is most important.

We all want to increase the followers. People just join these social networks and start doing follow and update image there. But lastly, they didn’t get what they want. Here you can find the most relevant information about how to increase the number of followers in Instagram.

“If I can grow my Instagram profile, I can also cash-in on all the benefits that go along with having a big account!” If you take a close look at all the people celebrities who have BIG followings, you’ll notice how their lifestyle is also pretty amazing.

Simple – because when you have a large audience, companies will pay you to promote their products or, you can create your own product and drive all the traffic to your site.

The thing is, if you don’t have a strategy for getting followers and building a relationship with them, chances are slim that you’ll actually see any real progress.

In fact, here techniques are so simple and easy to implement, it won’t even feel like “Hard work” when you’re putting them into action again and again.

How To Increase Our Followers On Instagram

By having a large following, you’ll attract more opportunities, more money and gain TONS of FREE exposure by doing something you already love doing. According to eMarketer, a leading authority in online marketing, Instagram stated that it will continue to grow and that every third of mobile users will be on Instagram in 2017. This is great news for people just now getting started with Instagram. It’s a new and easy way to use it anywhere.

7 Simple Steps That’s Helped To Increase Followers on Instagram.

Step 1.  – Using Known Hashtag (#).

“#” This symbol Help us to increase Followers When we use certain hashtags such as, #money, #Love, #Business and #Movie – you’re able to quickly increase followers on Instagram. This is a type of label, keyword or metadata tag used for social networking channel and micro blogging services which makes it easier for users to find your messages with a specific topic. Using this technique also floods those hash tags with your photos, making YOU stand out from the crowd.

Step 2. – Post On Sundays – So Weekdays and Times matter.

This is a little-known and successful trick which works like CRAZY! See, when you’re actively trying to increase your Instagram followers, you’ll discover that very few people post on Sundays.

Why? Maybe it’s laziness or just ignorance… but believe it or not, Sunday has the fewest images posted on Instagram and they give you a much higher chance to gain visibility and get recognized by other people interested in your post’s image.

Step 3.  – Post on time That’s called “Magic” Times

This is not because of guess, Its happed because of scientific proof. Research shows that, on average, posting at 2:00 AM in an afternoon and 5:00 PM evening are the best times to get potential followers to pay attention to you. And will get the best number of followers. Its not because of extra effort, Its just mindset and all credit goes to them. These are also the best times to increase followers without doing “extra”.

Why those times?
According to Latergramme, a service-based company that lets users manage and schedule their Instagram posts, they analyzed over 61,000 posts to see which one got the most engagement.

And guess what?

These two times were the number of followers increased.

Step 4.  – Complete profile section, Instagram Bio-Hacking

Your Instagram Bio profile is the section you’re able to include a link in. It’s also the first thing potential active followers will see your profile and link before deciding to follow you or not. So we need to make complete profiles with Known User name and Links, and Image. When you seem fake, exaggerated and like a boat… people will ignore it.

Step 5.  – How To Grow My Followers And Get Engaged

Growing an Instagram account is not hard, but without knowing a few simple secrets, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. That’s the last thing you’ll want to do. Another great way to grow your followers and increase engagement is by including a “Call To Action” in your photo captions. Some attractive points convert your post with a good number of followers.

Don’t be afraid to do this consistently in all of your posts. It will train your audience to remain engaged. And that’s helped us to Increase followers for your profile and also build trust with your profile.

Step 6. – Geo-tagging Domination Tactics

This is especially important for local businesses, but it’s also critical if you want to get more followers from specific area. This is one of the fastest ways to get local fame and highly engaged followers!

Step 7.  – The Magic 7-Letter Word

What if I told you, you could use ONE word and quickly increase followers on Instagram? Not many people truly understand the psychology of a command. It’s human nature to do as we’re told (assuming what we’re told is delivered in a compelling way). Do you know the magic word that boosts your popularity and helps you get more followers on Instagram?

It’s “Comment.” You see, as obvious as this may sound, most people don’t include the proper, simple commands which almost force people to engage with you.