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Know About Aashna Malani. A Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger

Walking with her head held high, and making all her experiences worthwhile, is Aashna Malani. A fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, Aashna has been influencing people for quite a while now, writing about travel, her life on-the-go and giving it a different angle with her creative bend of mind.

Not only is she crazy about travel, but has also established herself as one of the best fashion and travel influencers in India with over 2 Million global reach across social media channels.

She has made it big with her hard work and dedication, which clearly reflects in her personal blog. From the best weekend getaways to the best adventure trips and her candid lifestyle; Aashna has got it all covered for us. 

Aashna Malani is one fearless lady who never skips any chance to rational things in a monotony set of life. Beauty, travel, lifestyle, and food, the 5 feet 10-inch tall woman would not be going to stop shining at any cost. 

Her love for showcasing her personal style and her travel tales has influenced many fashion enthusiasts and aspiring fashion bloggers from all over the nation, the vivacious and popular blogger Aashna Malani has broken many rules and stereotypes to be the independent woman she is today.

Learning through real life experiences, she has built everything from scratch to reach the pinnacles of success. 

She believes, ‘It’s very important to be comfortable in your own skin and to venture out to pursue your passion.’ She helps inspire people from all walks of life and without age limit, the importance of being true to oneself and following your dream till you make it.

So if you too want to seek some great motivation alongside lifestyle and travel inspirations which can induce you to leave the boredom and choose the warm colors to lead the life? She’s your go-to woman! We commend your work Aashna, more power to you.