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Modeling as a Career Make my Dream True – Priyanshi

Priyanshi is a 15yr old girl, A teen artist, in modeling and acting. Her hobbies are dancing , painting and singing. She is doing modeling since the age of six(6). She says that ”My idol is Katrina kaif, she was also a outsider, she struggled too. But she became what she dreamt about, she inspires me!.”

She said that she experienced a lot of things working in this industry like appreciation, comments and even hatred and that really disappointed her at some time, but she understood that there are every kind of people in this world, we just have to move on and focus on our goal.

She said that, ”My strength is my family and some really supportive friends, especially my mother. She have a faith in me and my profession. She really motivates me and made me go through all the difficulties”.

Her first shoot was for bodycare. That was a immediate-backup shoot, she said that, ”My uncle worked in that company, A party was held there at that time, so he thought to take me with him. I went with him in the shooting area. Many kids were posing, basically from my point of view having fun. So I also started posing, in front of the camera man and he liked it very much. So he took me for that shoot. They gave me some dresses, I changed and did my work. The director and camera man, liked my work a lot! At that time, I was barely 6 yrs old. That day I earned my first income, A amount of 7,000 Rupees. That was like really instant or me, that’s when I started to have interest in modeling.

From her point of view, modeling and acting is not easy, people misunderstood this as an easy-earning task. You have to have that passion and spark in yourself. Artists like her faces a lot of struggle, but you have to come through it anyways, she says that one who want to make modeling as a career should have that potential and a mind set.
Her profession style is ”casual-classy”. She says that, her ideal working environment should be a clean space where she can make a lot of unique content.

For her, managing time with the profession is very hectic. As she is a student, she have to manage her studies, dance classes, theatre sessions etc. At a same time. But she is use to it now and it’s worth the efforts.
She said that, ” I miss chilling out with my buddies and going in family functions, but I have my priorities clear in my mind, and for me my profession and career is my first priority.

In the next coming year, she wants to polish herself more with the upcoming projects, she wants to work even more harder.

Her greatest failure was when she lost, hopes in herself, she said that, “I felt helpless, I couldn’t manage with my surrounding competition, i thought I should leave this career and break my dream. That was my biggest failure! And the thing, I learnt from it was that I just have my talent with me. I have nothing so I should just focus on myself and my dream, rather then hearing others.”

Her proudest achievement was when she saw her mother being proud of her. She said that, ” I saw my mum watching me doing a lot of hard work and then there was a day when she said that you made me proud priyanshi, keep going don’t stop. No matter what happens, I am here with you.”

She says that her mother inspires her the most. She impacted her in every way. There was a time when saw her mother having a breakdown, but she came through it, her mother taught her to move on in the life.

Her greatest achievement is that she remains strong enough in every tough situation and that is something that has helped her a lot with her profession too.