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Ain’t feel motivated to shed kilos you have added to your body? Well, by the time this article is completed, you’ll have enough of it to do the same because here we’ve brought to a real life incident where a bride loses half of her body weight adopting a simple change in her lifestyle.

Haley Smith, a 24-year-old girl from Texas, used to weigh 277lbs. She felt horrified about her body size and did not want to post any of the photographs online. Perhaps, her lifestyle was demanding some sort of motivation which she found after her marriage was fixed. She replaced her old junk dieting pattern with fruits and Veg. and started running every single day.

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Haley said, “I cried when I looked at my own pictures and was afraid to post anyone of them because I myself was ashamed of what I was becoming, but Idid not want to look the same in my wedding photographs for sure.” She added, “ I developed this unusual eating habit while I was in college. Just about anything could trigger me to eat. I ate when I was sad, stressed, happy, boredor alone. This became my eating pattern everyday”. This came to change when she started having aches, pains all over the body, high blood pressure, heartburns practically each single day besides sleeplessness.

Not only these problems started taking place but also she missed a lot of her family activities, functions and even swimming because of being so much fat, she said. Also, sweating accompanied her problems which she used to feel ashamed of in telling others. Not just this, not being able to fit into spaces, going out of breath while conversing and all the time sticking problems demoralized her completely. She could find no wayout.

Finally, to change all of this into something amazing, she started doing workouts twice daily with a small change in eating habit. She changed more because of her boyfriend who never complained her for what she was and was ready to change for and adjust with the former. Finally, Haley was happy for both of them that she could finally fit into the wedding dress she had already purchased and looked stunningly awesome in that dress. No, she plans every year out nomatter if it is swimming, mountain climbing or any other activity.

If she can shed half of her kilos with just a slight change , you too can achieve the same. All it is wanting is a Start.

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