World’s Most Expensive Things

You have heard of children born with a silver spoon, people making ridiculous purchases to break the internet, but you will have to search for a whole new word for these expensive things, and for the person who thought about it.

Villa Leopolda: Emerged in history, this is the second most expensive place to stay in, $506,000,000 to be exact. It is famous because it served as a hospital during the World War II.


• Floating Bed: As much as the idea of sleeping in a floating bed seems tempting, you would hardly get any sleep, thinking about spending $1,600,000 on just purchasing it. This bed is made of a powerful magnet and can hold up to 2000 pounds.


• Chess Set: Charles Hollander chess set is sold a whopping $600,000 for a set. Each of the chess piece is encrusted in tiny black and diamonds, and only seven of these sets have been created.


• Huia Bird: Birds of the feather are long gone. The only thing remaining is a single feather, which costs more than you care to pay for. $10,000 for a feather of an extinct bird and you are famous.


• Tokyo: If you are looking for a place for relocating, Tokyo is definitely not the place, unless paying $1200 for a square meter of land is in your agenda today.


To afford this, you probably need to sell more than your kidneys, and your friend’s. Now that extravagant burger sold in Serendipity, New York for $295 doesn’t seem that expensive does it?

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