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With the passage of time on page optimization is gaining more important in seo. Now Google has developed its algorithm to differentiate between good and bad web page by taking more than 200 on page optimization factors into the account. Page loading speed is one of the most important on page optimization factor which Google algorithm consider while ranking a site. Google usually prefers a site with less than 4 sec loading time. So by optimizing your site’s loading speed you are improving site performance not only for user but Google also. If you are having a wordpress site then here are few simple ways to boost its loading speed. You can use few or all of these methods to give an extra boost to your site loading speed.

Install W3 Cache: It is basically a free word press plugin which is used to boost a wordpress site speed by creating its cache folder on server. By installing this plugin to your site, you create a cache file of your site. This cache file helps to load your site faster. This tool alone can boost your site loading speed for upto 30 percent or more.

Gzip Compression: It is basically a small service provided by cpanel which you can use to boost your site loading speed. To enable gzip compression for your site you can open cpanel and can click on Optimize Website under Software/Services tab. There you can enable gzip compression for your website.

Optimizing Images: Heavy images is also a major cause of slow loading speed. If your site is slow even after installing w3 cache and enabling gzip compression then you might need to optimize your site images to boost your site loading speed. Image optimization usually don’t change image quality. All it does is reduce size of your site images. You can optimize your site images manually or can use any wordpress plug in to optimize your site.

Reduce Response Time: Hosting a site on bad server can increase server response time which results in slow page loading speed. So if you are hosting your site on any low standard server then you must need to shift your website to a better host reduce server response time.

Remove Extra Load: Sometimes your host computer goes slow due to extra work load which also results in slow site loading speed. By reducing this unnecessary work load you can give a boost to your site loading speed. To reduce extra work load on your server you must contact your hosting support team and ask them to free your server from unnecessary processing. In this way you can boost your site loading speed and your server performance.

These are few tips to optimize loading speed of a wordpress site. However if you have website in some other plat form then you can also use some of the methods to boost your site speed. Gzip compression and optimizing images works with any site created in any cms.

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